Empire State

Starring: Liam Hemsworth, Dwayne Johnson, Michael Angarano, Emma Roberts, Michael Rispoli, Jerry Ferrara, Nikki Reed, Paul Ben Victor, Shenae Grimes, Chris Diamantopoulos.

Directed By Dito Montiel.

In case you’re part of the uninitiated, Dito Montiel broke through with A Guide Recognizing Your Saints. He followed it up with Fighting. Then his next two films, The Son Of No One and Empire State failed to get theatrical releases. Well, technically The Son Of No One managed 10 theatres, and 30K gross. Despite having Dwayne Johnson, Empire State couldn’t get a theatrical release.


Probably because Dwayne Johnson delivers his most wooden and useless performance ever. Liam Hemsworth looks just as confused in this film as he was in Paranoia. It’s like someone drags him onto the set of a film, and he has no idea what the film is. And i don’t know why the fuck Emma Roberts is in this. She’s totally wasted. Completely useless. Same for jerry Ferrara and Nikki Reed.

Probably the “best” performance is Paul Ben Victor, cast in type as Hemsworth’s father. Angarano is obnoxious and still looks 15 years old. He can’t play adult roles yet. He’s suffering from major Shia Labeouf syndrome. It’s a ridiculously predictable film. There’s awful acting in the film from some supporting actors we’ll never see again.

There’s really no reason to sit through this film. There’s a reason it skipped theatres, and I’m betting Dwayne Johnson paid someone to shelve this title.


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