Weekend Box Office: ‘Dawn’ Is Strong

1) Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes- 73M Weekend, 73M Total

Opening considerably higher than Rise, and even higher than my 60M prediction, Dawn became a true bonafide summer smash, drawing an 18K per screen average and dominating all competition. Next weekend, with weaker entries, it is entirely possible that Dawn could repeat.

2) Transformers 4- 16.5M Weekend, 209.0M Total

Down 55% from last weekend, it seems unlikely that this film will break 300M. All three previous efforts broke 300M domestically. The second actually broke 400M.

3) Tammy- 12.9M Weekend, 57.3M Total

Down only 40%. Poor reviews and a low cinemascore be damned. Melissa McCarthy is still a must-see actress.

4) 22 Jump Street- 6.7M Weekend, 171.9M Total

5) How To Train Your Dragon 2- 5.8M Weekend, 152.0M Total

6) Earth To Echo- 5.5M Weekend, 24.5M Total

Down only 34% from last weekend, suggesting strong legs.

7) Deliver Us From Evil- 4.7M Weekend, 25M Total

Down 51% from last weekend, suggesting no legs.

8) Maleficent- 4.1M Weekend, 221.9M Total

9) Begin Again- 2.9M Weekend, 5.2M Total

Begin Again expanded into 939 screens this weekend, and cracked the top 10 with a PSA of 3,126. That is the 4th best PSA in the Top 10.

10) Jersey Boys- 2.5M Weekend, 41.7M Total

11) Think Like A Man Too- 2.5M Weekend, 61.9M Total

12) America- 2.4M Weekend, 8.2M Total

13) Edge Of Tomorrow- 1.8M Weekend, 94.5M Total

14) The Fault In Our Stars- 1.4M Weekend, 119.5M Total

15) Chef- 1.3M Weekend. 24.1M Total

??) Snowpiercer- 677K Weekend, 2.6M Total

??) Boyhood- 359K Weekend, 359K Total

A stunning PSA of 71K. Best reported per screen average.

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