Who Will Be The Next A-Lister?

With the release this weekend, a lot of talk has been made about the possibility of Chris Pratt or Zoe Saldana being the next big thing in Hollywood. Here’s a look at a few upcoming “Next Big Things” and why they will or won’t be A-Listers.

Chris Pratt

Why He’s On This List: He’s just scored a major #1 opening with Guardians Of The Galaxy.

Past Roles: The Lego Movie, Delivery Man, Parks and Recreation, The Five Year Engagement, Moneyball, Everwood

Why He Will Be A-List: He, of course, has an upcoming Guardians sequel, and he’s the leading man in next years Jurassic World. He’s also rumored to get the role in a Knight Rider adaptation. He’s becoming the guy that studios are comfortable putting in lead roles in tentpole movies. Convincing studio heads that you’re A-List is the first step to being A-List.

Zoe Saldana

Why She’s On The List: She got another hit with Guardians Of The Galaxy.

Past Roles: Avatar, Star Trek, Out Of The Furnace, The Losers, Guess Who

Why She Won’t Be A-List: If it was going to happen, it would have happened by now. Saldana has been in film since 2000’s Center Stage. After Guardians she has an animated voice over role in Book Of Life, and a bunch of Avatar sequels. No new franchises are banking on her name to launch.

Chloe Grace Moretz

Why She’s On The List: If I Stay could be another The Fault In Our Stars.

Past Roles: Kick Ass, Carrie, Hugo, Let Me In, Dark Shadows

Why She Might Be A-List: Hollywood loves her. She’s also well respected by critics. If I Stay is just the start. She’s going to follow it this year with Laggies, The Equalizer, and The Clouds Of Sils Maria. No Major Franchises… yet.

Adam Driver

Why He’s On The List: Supporting roles in buzzy indie movies like What If and This Is Where I Leave You

Past Roles: Girls, J Edgar, Lincoln, Frances Ha

Why He Might Be A-List: We won’t know for a while, but he’s got a leading role in a little film called Star Wars Episode 7. He’s an Emmy nominee, so Hollywood is willing to give him a solid shot.

Rosamund Pike

Why She’s On The List: She’s got a buzzy role in Gone Girl, with some people saying she could get an Oscar nomination.

Past Roles: Die Another Day, Pride and Prejudice, Doom, An Education, The World’s End

Why She Might Be A-List: An Oscar nomination would be a game changer for her. I don’t see a major career change happening for her, but the Oscar race could be a huge thing for her… if it happens.

Corey Stoll

Why He’s On The List: Starring role in The Strain, he was in Non-Stop, and he’s got The Good Lie coming up.

Past Roles: Salt, The Bourne Legacy, Midnight In Paris, House Of Cards

Why He Won’t Be A-List: At least, not on TV. He’s in the upcoming Ant Man movie, so he might be on this list again next year. Hollywood is interested in Stoll, just not enough to bank franchises on him.

James Corden

Why He’s On The List: Upcoming roles in One Chance and Into The Woods

Past Roles: Begin Again, and he’s a Tony Award Winner

Why He Won’t Be A-List: He’s too good of an actor to do a career in comedy, an he won’t make it in any other genre. Drama actors don’t become A-Listers. He’ll probably be a great character actor.

Luke Evans

Why He On The List: Starring role in the upcoming Dracula Untold

Past Roles: The Fast and Furious 6, The Three Musketeers, Immortals, Clash Of The Titans, The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug

Why He Might Be On The List: Hollywood has been quietly grooming him by putting him in mid-level potential blockbusters for a while now. After Dracula, he’ll be seen in the third Hobbit film, and later given his shot to launch a franchise with The Crow remake.

Joel Edgerton

Why He’s On The List: A starring role playing Ramses in Exodus.

Past Roles: The Great Gatsby, Zero Dark Thirty, The Odd Life Of Timothy Green, The Thing, Warrior

Why He Won’t Be On The List: Hollywood knows he’s a familiar face, but he doesn’t star in major movies, he stars in mid-level movies, or plays second or third fiddle. Hollywood isn’t trying to give him a test run. He’s a lot like Corey Stoll.

Jack O’Connell

Why He’s On The List: He’s getting a ton of buzz for Unbroken.

Past Roles; 300: Rise Of An Empire

Why He Might Be On The List: Like Rosamund Pike, this upcoming Oscar season will do a lot for him. He doesn’t have any big films on his roster right now, but Unbroken doesn’t hit theatres until December. He’ll be a hot property later this year.


2 thoughts on “Who Will Be The Next A-Lister?

  1. My only question is what benchmark are you using for entry into the A list club? Chris Pratt is definitely one of the hottest acting commodities in Hollywood right now but I couldn’t put him alongside a George Clooney or Brad Pitt. I don’t know what movies he might be making in 5 / 10 years time but I think he still has a long way to go.

    1. I suppose a slightly broader term of A-List. Meaning, Channing Tatum has more recently joined the “A-List”. So, by the same measurement, I expect Pratt to be the next Channing Tatum. That’s the benchmark.

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