Binge Review: The Killing: Season 1

The following was based on a binge watching of The Killing: Season 1, where I watched the whole season in a matter of three days.

With The Killing Season 4 hitting Netflix on August 1st, I recently started binge watching the entire show of The Killing. So far, I’m on the fourth episode of season 1, and it’s a lot better than I thought it would be. I heard the show was slow, but it feels appropriately placed for what it is. It’s one murder stretched out over a whole season (or two seasons, in this case).

Mireille Enos plays an obviously smart detective, who was supposed to be on her last day when she finds the body of Rosie Larsen, and becomes wrapped up in the controversy surrounding her death. Joel Kinnaman plays her new partner, who you think is really green, but you come to realize he just comes from a different way of operating. He thinks different than she does, and the two compliment each other because of it.

Of the supporting cast, Michelle Forbes is a big standout as Rosie’s mom. I loved her on True Blood, and she’s been great in this. Billy Campbell is good, but hasn’t been given much so far Brent Sexton is good as Rosie’s dad.

1st Update:
After finishing the 4th and 5th episodes, I don’t feel like I’m any closer to knowing who the killer is. Obviously, I’m supposed to believe Billy Campbell is a prime suspect, since his character would be pointless otherwise. At this point, he’s been in every episode, yet is not a prime suspect. After they found out the car was stolen, they basically stopped investigating his entire campaign.

Her fiance is kind of an ass. Like… she’s investigating a murder investigation, and then she’ll move. Stop acting like she’s never going to follow you. A girl is dead. Your dick can wait. I’ll admit that sharing the cake with her son was a nice moment, but he rolls his eyes whenever he gets a chance.

Totally didn’t realize Brendan Sexton III was in this. He’s underutilized. I wonder if he’ll become a suspect later on. Brandon Jay McLaren is obviously NOT the killer. Misdirection. The three teenagers playing main roles are all forgettable. They’re good at playing tweakers, but I wouldn’t remember them beyond this show. Enos, Forbes, Sexton, Campbell, and Kinnaman carry this show.

2nd Update:

I almost think Billy Campbell’s plot could be its own series. He’s a good guy, and I know there’s going to be a skeleton in his closet. He is trying to maintain decency. It’s good to see him¬† in this role.

Episodes 6 and 7 didn’t really change my opinion too much. I’m not sure who did it yet. It’s possible we haven’t even met them yet.

3rd Update:

Episodes 8 and 9 paint a new picture. It’s starting to get good. The FBI was a nice curveball, and Episode 9 ended with a beating. I love this show now.

4th Update:

Finally finished the season. I still don’t buy Billy Campbell as the killer. Overall, I’m impressed by the show. A very strong season, filled with great characters.


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