Weekend Box Office: ‘Guardians’ Still Tops

1) Guardians Of The Galaxy- 10.1M Weekend, 294.5M Total

2) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- 6.5M Weekend, 174.6M Total

3) If I Stay- 5.7M Weekend, 39.6M Total

4) Lets Be Cops- 5.4M Weekend, 66.5M Total

5) The November Man- 4.2M Weekend, 17.8M Total

6) As Above So Below- 3.7M Weekend, 15.5M Total

7) When The Game Stands Tall- 3.7M Weekend, 23.4M Total

8) The Giver- 3.5M Weekend, 37.8M Total

9) The Hundred Foot Journey- 3.2M Weekend, 45.6M Total

10) Lucy- 1.9M Weekend, 121.2M Total

11) The Identical- 1.9M Weekend, 1.9M Total

12) The Expendables 3- 1.8M Weekend, 36.7M Total

13) Into The Storm- 1.4M Weekend, 44.5M Total

14) Boyhood- 1.4M Weekend, 20.7M Total

15) Cantinflas- 1.0M Weekend, 4.7M Total

??) Forrest Gump- 0.4M Weekend, 0.4M Total

??) Calvary- 0.3M Weekend, 3M Total

??) Love Is Strange- 0.2M Weekend, 0.8M Total

??) Innocence- 0.2M Weekend, 0.2M Total

??) What If- 0.1M Weekend, 3.1M Total

??) The Last Of Robin Hood- 0.1M Weekend, 0.1M Total

??) Life Of Crime- 45K Weekend, 0.2M Total


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