Weekend Box Office: ‘Dumb’ Wins, ‘Hero’ and ‘Interstellar’ hold OK

Dumb and Dumber To was the big new movie of the weekend, becoming Jim Carrey’s first 30M opening in 10 years. THe franchise proved it had life left in it, as it managed to open above expectations, and even beat Disney’s crowdpleasing Big Hero 6. Dumb and Dumber To has only a B- cinemascore, so it might not play well in the coming weeks.

Rosewater opened in limited release with a so-so per screen of 3,235, about the same as Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas, which bowed with 2,468PSA. Neither could hold a candle to Foxcatcher, which commanded a 48K per screen average, launching the film to the front of the Oscar race. The Homesman had a good, not great bow, of 12K per screen.

Other holdovers are doing nicely. Whiplash maintained a 1,912PSA in its expansion (not great, but so-so). Birdman kept 2,859 in expansion (pretty good). The real winner was The Theory Of Everything which expanded slightly and did another 18K per screen.

Of course, the top 10 has crowdpleasers with legs too. Gone Girl was down only 25%. St Vincent also dipped only 25%. Interstellar dropped 38%, while Big Hero 6 dropped 36%. Fury held well with a 32% drop, and Nightcrawler dropped only 43%. Even The Judge at 14th dropped only 39%.

Next weekend, The Hunger Games will take up a huge chunk of the box office.

1) Dumb and Dumber To- 38M Weekend, 38M Total
2) Big Hero 6- 36M Weekend, 111.6M Total
3) Interstellar- 29.1M Weekend, 97.8M Total
4) Beyond The Lights- 6.5M Weekend, 6.5M Total
5) Gone Girl- 4.6M Weekend, 152.6M Total
6) St Vincent- 4M Weekend, 33.2M Total
7) Fury- 3.8M Weekend, 75.9M Total
8) Nightcrawler- 3M Weekend, 25M Total
9) Ouija- 3M Weekend, 48.1M Total
10) Birdman- 2.4M Weekend, 11.5M Total
11) John Wick- 2.2M Weekend, 38.9M Total
12) Alexander…- 1.5M Weekend, 62.3M Total
13) Rosewater- 1.2M Weekend, 1.2M Total
14) The Judge- 1.0M Weekend, 44.3M Total
15) Saving Christmas- 1.0M Weekend, 1.0M Total
17) Whiplash- 801K Weekend, 2.4M Total
18) The Theory Of Everything- 738K Weekend, 1M Total
??) Foxcatcher- 288K Weekend, 288K Total
??) The Homesman- 48K Weekend, 48K Total

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