The 25 Films I’m Looking Forward To The Most In 2015

25) Vacation
Ed Helms reboots the classic Chevy Chase franchise. It will either suck, or because it’s Ed Helms, it will be great. Regardless, I really want to see what Ed Helms does with this franchise, and I wish him the best.

24) Kingsman: The Secret Service
A strong trailer helped get this film onto my Top 25 list. I’m a bit concerned that it’s opening in February, because rarely do great films open in February, but I remain optimistic.

23) Ted 2
Hopefully Seth Macfarlane can rebound from A Million Ways To Die In The West. I liked the first Ted, and I think it’s the kind of film that could easily have sequels.

22) Spy
Melissa McCarthy reteams with Bridesmaids director Paul Feig. I’m down.

21) Sisters
I’m equally excited to see the reteaming of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. I loved Baby Mama, and these two are comedy gold together.

20) The Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 2
How will it end? I’m not a huge fan of splitting books into two movies, so hopefully this doesn’t let me down.

19) Tomorrowland
A cool trailer, a cool premise, and a good cast. Hopefully this doesn’t disappoint.

18) Get Hard
A funny trailer pairs Will Ferrell with Kevin Hart. I’m also a huge Will Ferrell fan.

17) Fantastic Four
Another film I remain optimistic about. Hopefully this reboot doesn’t take itself TOO seriously. I mean, I still need to hear IT’S CLOBBERIN TIME!

16) Pan
Had I not seen the trailer, this would not have made my Top 25. I wasn’t that excited for it before the trailer, but damn. I’m on board now.

15) Mission Impossible 5
Ghost Protocol was my favorite Mission Impossible film. It’s a series that actually gets better with each film, so hopefully this keeps up the trend.

14) Entourage
I’m not sure how this will translate into a feature film, but Entourage was one of my favorite TV shows of all time. I have to show up to see how it turns out.

13) The Good Dinosaur
Pixar. No trailer, but still Pixar.

12) Spectre
Skyfall was my favorite Bond film, so I have high hopes for Spectre. Hopefully it can at least match the quality of Skyfall.

11) Pitch Perfect 2
I’m not sure we needed a Pitch Perfect 2, but I’m glad they made one. It looks fun.

10) Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials
I liked the first Maze Runner, and it left a lot of questions that I need answered.

9) Ant Man
The changing of the director makes me a little skeptical, but Marvel’s track record is pretty solid so far. I expect them to turn out another good film here. Even if it is Ant Man…

8) The Last Five Years
My favorite musical is being turned into a movie. Jeremy Jordan is the perfect choice to play Jamie.

7) Chappie
A really cool trailer, and it’s directed by Neill Blomkamp. I’m looking forward to this.

6) Star Wars: The Force Awakens
I’m a fan of Star Wars, but I’m not a superfan. This didn’t quite get to #1 for me.

5) Inside Out
I’m actually a big Pixar fan though, plus this looks incredible.

4) Jurassic World
Even though this looks silly (trained raptors?), I’m still a big Jurassic Park fan. I even liked Jurassic Park 3.

3) Insurgent
I really like the Divergent books, possibly more than the Hunger Games books. Insurgent is gonna be big.

2) Furious 7
AKA, the extended goodbye to Paul Walker.

1) Avengers: Age Of Ultron
You probably saw this coming. Yes, it’s my most anticipated film of 2015. It’s probably a lot of peoples #1 film. I’m such a sellout.

And… five that I’m not looking forward to.

1) Seventh Son- It’s been pushed back a ton. That’s never a good sign.
2) Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension- Can we just let this franchise die?
3) Insidious Chapter 3- I’m hoping this is the Final Chapter.
4) The Transporter Legacy- Without Jason Statham? No thank you.
5) Alvin and the Chipmunks 4- We definitely didn’t need another one of these.

One thought on “The 25 Films I’m Looking Forward To The Most In 2015

  1. I like your list. Admittedly I haven’t watched a few of these trailers but am also excited about a lot of them.
    I’m a big fan of Jurassic Park, but the trailer was… ‘meh’ I’m worried it’s not going to be that good. I’m not surprised they are making another Paranormal Activity though. The horror genre just keep churning out more and more sequels that nobody needs.
    Haven’t seen the trailer for Ed Helms in Vacation either, but I’m a bit skeptical about this one as well, but hey, I’ll give it a go. It looks like it could be a good year for movies from looking at your list.

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