My First Ten Oscar Reactions

1) My first reaction came when I realized the The Lego Movie was snubbed from Best Animated Feature. It’s not often that the frontrunner is booted from the category.
2) The Academy really didn’t like Selma, which is a shame. Only two nominations for Selma? No Actor? No Director? Wow.
3) As I said in my review of Cake, the snub of Jennifer Aniston now requires that someone be arrested in the Academy. So who wants to be arrested? Raise your hand so I know who to have escorted from the premises.
4) Gone Girl for Best Picture? What happened there?
5) Not that it’s a huge snub, but Foxcatcher clearly should have gotten a Best Picture nomination with all the love it got (unexpectedly). A Director, Actor, Supporting Actor, Screenplay, and Makeup nomination… yet no Picture nom? Weird…
6) I could lament all the missing Best Actor nominees, from David Oyelowo to Miles Teller, from Bill Murray to Ralph Fiennes. This whole category is hard to be happy for when you know all the great performances that got left out because of the arbitrary “five”.
7) Sad face also for Jessica Chastain, who did terrific work in a handful of films (The Disappearance Of Eleanor Rigby, A Most Violent Year, Interstellar, Miss Julie) and got nothing to show for it.
8) It may be his best work, but Top Five wasn’t enough to get Chris Rock a nomination for screenplay.
9) However, Everything Is Awesome might have just gotten ANDY SAMBERG an OSCAR nomination.
10) Also, I believe Common is now an Oscar nominee. Time to pop in the Oscar classic “Just Wright”.

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