Weekend Box Office: ‘Sniper’ Continues A Historic Run

1) American Sniper- 64.3M Weekend, 200.1M Total
200 million in 10 days of wide release. That’s pretty spectacular. It’s on a pretty solid trajectory for 300M. It only slid 27% from week 1 to week 2. There’s no way it can keep that up on Super Bowl weekend, but even a 50% drop would still be an impressive third weekend.

2) The Boy Next Door- 15.0M Weekend, 15M Total
Jennifer Lopez marketed The Boy Next Door well with Latinos, who turned up and gave her a solid opening weekend on the same week that Johnny Depp bombed.

3) Paddington- 12.9M Weekend, 40M Total
4) The Wedding Ringer- 11.6M Weekend, 39.6M Total
5) Taken 3- 7.6M Weekend, 76M Total
6) The Imitation Game- 7.1M Weekend, 60.6M Total
7) Strange Magic- 5.5M Weekend, 5.5M Total
8) Selma- 5.5M Weekend, 39.2M Total
9) Mortdecai- 4.1M Weekend, 4.1M Total
10) Into The Woods- 3.8M Weekend, 121.4M Total
11) The Hobbit: Battle Of The Five Armies- 2.8M Weekend, 249.5M Total
12) Unbroken- 2.0M Weekend, 112.4M Total
13) Birdman- 1.9M Weekend, 30.9M Total
14) Night At The Museum 3- 1.8M Weekend, 108.6M Total
15) Blackhat- 1.6M Weekend, 7M Total

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