Box Office Predictions: Get Ready For Some Football!

Super Bowl weekend is a traditionally slow weekend. Project Alamanac is targeting teens, who will come out on Friday night, while The Loft goes after couples. I’m not sure the target demo for Black or White watches the Super Bowl (really old women), A Most Violent Year expands, and Game Of Thrones hits IMAX. None of this really matters, because American Sniper will still dominate. Neither A Most Violent Year or Game Of Thrones will crack the top 10 though, and most films will experience harsher drops this weekend because the attendance on Sunday is very low.

Next weekend will bring Jupiter Ascending and Spongebob 2. Oh, and Seventh Son. But… no one actually cares about Seventh Son. Not even the studio releasing it.

1) American Sniper- 35M Weekend, 252M Total
2) Project Almanac- 12M Weekend, 12M Total
3) Black Or White- 7M Weekend, 7M Total
4) The Boy Next Door- 6.5M Weekend, 25M Total
5) Paddington- 6M Weekend, 48M Total
6) The Imitation Game- 5.5M Weekend, 68M Total
7) The Wedding Ringer- 5M Weekend, 47M Total
8) Taken 3- 4.5M Weekend, 82M Total
9) The Loft- 4M Weekend, 4M Total
10) Selma- 3.5M Weekend, 44M Total

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