Weekend Box Office: ‘Spongebob’ Ends Bradley Cooper’s Reign Of Terror

I mean, a reign of terror at the box office… for other films. The Spongebob Squarepants sequel actually destroyed the opening of the original, opening to 56M over the three day weekend. It’s now the 5th highest opening weekend of February. Considering the Spongebob franchise has gone down in popularity a bit, I’m sure everyone involved was surprised it was such a big hit. It also has the biggest per screen average in the Top 10 at $15,380.

Jupiter Ascending did alright. I suppose considering the hype, and the fact it was once positioned as a summer tentpole, 19M isn’t amazing. It’s a lot better than the 7.1M posted by Seventh Son though. Jupiter Ascending opened to 32.5M overseas though, besting Spongebob Squarepants. Both Jupiter Ascending and Seventh Son landed B- Cinemascores, and Spongebob got a B.

American Sniper dropped 21% for a really strong 4th weekend of 24.1M. It’s actually the 8th biggest 4th weekend ever. In even crazier news, American Sniper is less than 20 million away from 300M. it’s only about 50M away from outgrossing Guardians Of The Galaxy, which is not only Bradley Cooper’s highest grossing film, but its also the highest grossing film of 2014. Will American Sniper pass Guardians?

Next weekend, Fifty Shades Of Grey is tracking to do at least 60M over Valentine’s Day weekend, and Kingsman should do north of 20M (if not 30M). Both could cut into American Sniper just enough to get it to fall short of Guardians.

1) Spongebob Squarepants 2- 56M Weekend, 56M Total
2) American Sniper- 24.1M Weekend, 282.2M Total
3) Jupiter Ascending- 19M Weekend, 19M Total
4) Seventh Son- 7.1M Weekend, 7.1M Total
5) Paddington- 5.3M Weekend, 57.2M Total
6) Project Almanac- 5.3M Weekend, 15.7M Total
7) The Imitation Game- 4.8M Weekend, 74.7M Total
8) The Wedding Ringer- 4.8M Weekend, 55.1M Total
9) Black Or White- 4.5M Weekend, 13.1M Total
10) The Boy Next Door- 4.1M Weekend, 30.8M Total

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