Weekend Box Office: ‘Fifty Shades’ Beats The Competition Into Submission

Oh yeah, I went there. Fifty Shades Of Grey did absurdly good, opening to 81.6M over three days for a 22,400 per screen average. It’s a shame it did so well, because no one will be talking about Kingsman, which actually did really well for a second place film. Kingsman pulled in 35.6M in second place… in February. The top two films both did huge business over a weekend in February. In June this would be nothing, but Kingsman’s second place opening was good enough to post as the 16th best February opening ever (Fifty Shades is 2nd). And if that wasn’t big enough, Spongebob pulled in another 30M. It was a huge weekend at the box office. In limited release, The Last Five Years pulled in 15K per screen (which is actually pretty good, and should signal an expansion).

1) Fifty Shades Of Grey- 81.6M Weekend, 81.6M Total
2) Kingsman- 35.6M Weekend, 35.6M Total
3) Spongebob Squarepants 2- 30.5M Weekend, 93.6M Total
4) American Sniper- 16.4M Weekend, 304.1M Total
5) Jupiter Ascending-9.4M Weekend, 32.5M Total
6) Seventh Son- 4.1M Weekend, 13.4M Total
7) Paddington- 4.1M Weekend, 62.3M Total
8) The Imitation Game- 3.5M Weekend, 79.6M Total
9) The Wedding Ringer- 3.4M Weekend, 59.7M Total
10) Project Almanac- 2.7M Weekend, 19.5M Total
11) Black Or White- 2.5M Weekend, 17.3M Total
12) The Boy Next Door- 1.8M Weekend, 33.8M Total
13) Still Alice- 1.7M Weekend, 4.6M Total
14) Taken 3- 1.1M Weekend, 86.8M Total
15) Old Fashioned- 1.0M Weekend, 1.1M Total
??) The Last Five Years- 45K Weekend, 45K Total

One thought on “Weekend Box Office: ‘Fifty Shades’ Beats The Competition Into Submission

  1. I’m not surprised that Fifty Shades made so much money, but when a sequel comes around, they’re going to need to do something differently if they want to replicate the original’s success, which I wrote a more detailed article on that you may be interested in reading. Great article!

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