Box Office Predictions: ‘Fifty Shades’ Of A Second Victory?

Fifty Shades Of Grey is destined for a huge tumble in week 2. It’s a Valentines entry, and it’s poorly reviewed. Even audiences only gave it a C+ cinemascore, so we can’t expect much long term. A drop of at least 60% should be expected. The Kingsman should hold better, dropping perhaps just under 50%.

This weeks new releases will have a hard time even hitting the top 3. Hot Tub Time Machine 2 should do the best, but without John Cusack, it’s just a sequel to a film that made a little over 50M. McFarland USA is getting good reviews, but it’s more of an under the radar thing. Same with The DUFF, which has no real stars.

Next week, Will Smith opens Focus, and that should be able to hit #1.

1) Fifty Shades Of Grey- 30M Weekend, 138M Total
2) The Kingsman- 20M Weekend, 71M Total
3) Spongebob Squarepants 2- 18M Weekend, 128M Total
4) Hot Tub Time Machine 2- 16M Weekend, 16M Total
5) American Sniper- 11M Weekend, 321M Total
6) McFarland USA- 9M Weekend, 9M Total
7) The DUFF- 7M Weekend, 7M Total
8) Jupiter Ascending- 4.5M Weekend, 41M Total
9) Paddington- 3M weekend, 68M Total
10) The Imitation Game- 2.5M Weekend, 83M Total

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