Weekend Box Office: ‘Home’ Is A Long Overdue Win For Dreamworks

1) Home- 52.1M Weekend, 52.1M Total
2) Get Hard- 33.8M Weekend, 33.8M Total
3) Insurgent- 21.5M Weekend, 85.8M Total
4) Cinderella- 17.0M Weekend, 149.5M Total
5) It Follows- 3.8M Weekend, 4.5M Total
6) Kingsman- 2.9M Weekend, 119.3M Total
7) Do You Believe?- 2.3M Weekend, 7.2M Total
8) Run All Night- 2.1M Weekend, 23.7M Total
9) The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel- 2.1M Weekend, 28.0M Total
10) The Gunman- 2.0M Weekend, 8.8M Total
11) Focus- 1.2M Weekend, 51.8M Total
12) McFarland USA- 1.1M Weekend, 40.5M Total
24) While We’re Young- 227K Weekend, 227K Total (56K Per Screen Average)
25) Danny Collins- 219K Weekend, 316K Total (7K Per Screen Average)
30) Serena- 100K Weekend, 100K Total (1,696 Per Screen Average)

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