Box Office Predictions: ‘Furious 7’ Will Burn Lots Of Rubber This Weekend

Furious 7 is going to suck up a lot of oxygen in the room this weekend. Tracking has it at 115M, but I’m feeling ballsy. I’m gonna say all the good reviews, the “family” promos with Paul Walker, and the press that Vin Diesel has been doing cause this to be an epic weekend for Furious 7. Home will still do some business, because it is going for a different demo. And, lets be honest, it’s Easter weekend. It should do solid business on Easter. Get Hard will experience a harsher drop, as it shares an audience with Furious 7 (even if Get Hard is basically the only comedy in wide release right now). Insurgent will get hit hard this weekend. It Follows shouldn’t dip much, if at all, as it adds a bunch of screens this weekend. Woman In Gold might crack the top 10 this weekend with so little competition beyond a few big movies.

1) Furious 7- 120M Opening Weekend, 120M Total
2) Home- 33M Weekend, 100M Total
3) Get Hard- 15M Weekend, 59M Total
4) Insurgent- 10.5M Weekend, 103M Total
5) Cinderella- 9M Weekend, 165M Total
6) It Follows- 3M Weekend, 9M Total
7) Kingsman- 1.5M Weekend, 122M Total
8) Do You Believe- 1M Weekend, 9M Total
9) The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel- 1M Weekend, 30M Total
10) Woman In Gold- 1M Weekend, 1M Total

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