Netflix Renews ‘House Of Cards’, Announces ‘Montauk’, Considers ‘Fuller House’

Netflix has picked up a fourth season of its hit Emmy winning drama House Of Cards. The Kevin Spacey drama continues to be a buzzworthy event every time it drops its new batch of episodes, so it’s not really surprising. They’ve also announced a new series, Montauk, from the same people who created Wayward Pines. And the biggest rumor, is that they’re close to ordering a follow-up series to Full House, aptly titled Fuller House. The show would reportedly follow DJ and Kimmy as they are now parents raising their families. Kinda like Girl Meets World.

Fuller House is the latest in the “revival” trend, which is seeing the return of The X-Files, Heroes, Coach, and Twin Peaks all slated for next season. What will they revive next?

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