Box Office Predictions: ‘Furious 7’ Just Might Win Again

Furious 7 will defeat the weak newcomer Adaline in the final week before Avengers completely and totally takes over the box office. In case you can’t figure out what next week will look like, those paltry numbers below are pretty certain to drop in half, meaning that Furious 7 will come in second place to Avengers with about 7-8M, while Avengers is likely to make 200M in 3 days. When the rest of the top 10 (beyond Furious 7) might collectively make about 20-25M next weekend. This weekend is just kind of like the calm before the storm. Catch up on a movie you wanted to see, but haven’t yet. Ex Machina expands into wide release this week after doing really well in limited release, and getting good reviews. It’s the sleeper hit that could.

1) Furious 7- 15M Weekend, 317M Total
2) The Age Of Adaline- 13M Weekend, 13M Total
3) Paul Blart 2- 10M Weekend, 38M Total
4) Unfriended- 7M Weekend, 26M Total
5) Home-6M Weekend, 151M Total
6) Ex Machina- 5M Weekend, 7M Total
7) The Longest Ride- 4M Weekend, 30M Total
8) Little Boy-3.5M Weekend, 3.5M Total
9) Woman In Gold- 3.5M Weekend, 21M Total
10) Get Hard- 3M Weekend, 83M Total

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