Box Office Predictions: ‘Avengers’ On Track To Set A Record

The Avengers sequel is tracking to dethrone the original Avengers as the top opener of all time. The first one made 207.3M, and Ultron is tracking as high as 230M by some estimates. That’s a super aggressive prediction. It likely won’t go that high, but it should slide past the original by a few million. There’s virtually no competition in theatres. Fandango has its fan tracking at 100%, which is pretty incredible. That means everyone is aware the film is coming out this week, and 4/5ths of the audience are planning on seeing the film opening weekend. The other 1/5th is probably realizing how jam packed those theatres will be, and will come out in week 2. Week 2, by the way, could also easily be almost 100M (if not 100M). Next weekend sees the release of Hot Pursuit, the counter-programming comedy with Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara. Expectations aren’t too high, and Hot Pursuit will settle for 2nd place no matter what.

1) Avengers: Age Of Ultron- 215M Weekend, 215M Total
2) Furious 7- 10M Weekend, 334M Total
3) Paul Blart 2- 8M Weekend, 53M Total
4) Age Of Adaline- 7M Weekend, 24M Total
5) Home- 5M Weekend, 160M Total
6) Ex Machina- 4M Weekend, 13M Total
7) Unfriended- 3M Weekend, 30M Total
8) Get Hard- 2M Weekend, 87M Total
9) Monkey Kingdom- 2M Weekend, 13M Total
10) Woman In Gold- 2M Weekend, 25M Total

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