Hot Pursuit

Starring: Reese Witherspoon, Sofia Vergara, Robert Kazinsky, Matthew Del Negro, Michael Mosley, Jim Gaffigan, Richard T. Jones, John Carroll Lynch
Directed By: Anne Fletcher

Ladies, you deserve better than this. Reese Witherspoon especially deserves better than this. She just knocked it out of the park in Wild, and produced Gone Girl, and followed those up with this? SERIOUSLY? I understand that Vergara is still trying to break into movies, but this film does nothing for her. This is not her Bridesmaids. Heck, this isn’t even her Tammy. I can’t completely fail the film because I did occasionally laugh. But most of my laughs were few and far between, and the first part of the movie just felt awful. It took a while to get the film going, and to get at least a workable rapport between Witherspoon and Vergara. These two ladies don’t really seem to be enjoying each other at all. This is not a classic pairing in the works. I doubt these two will ever work together again.

Witherspoon is actually grating as the know-it-all cop whose a walking bookworm. The only time she actually made me laugh, is when they hopped her up on cocaine. The rest of the film, the only laughs occasionally came from Vergara, or the supporting cast. Vergara may have been funnier, but her acting skills beyond that lack. She never actually “looked” in danger, or sad, or anything else. She just understands how to use herself as a walking punchline, whether it be her looks or her accent. She can work the shit out of either of those.

The supporting cast is… well… useless. Kazinsky’s southern accent comes and goes, so other than him being pretty, he really offers nothing to the film. Witherspoon and Vergara take up most of the screentime, and you spend that time wishing they were doing something else. Sometimes critics pan films and it’s because they’re film snobs or they just didn’t get it. Sometimes critics pan movies that just aren’t very good. This is one of those films. Not the worst thing I’ve seen, but considering the talent involved, it should have been at least a little better.


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