Weekend Box Office: Reese Loses The ‘Pursuit’ Of An Audience

Hot Pursuit and The-D Train both bombed this weekend. Hot Pursuit had been tracking at 20M on the low end, and ended up with 13.3M and a C+ cinemascore. Look for this to fade fast from theatres, especially as Pitch Perfect 2 soaks up the women next weekend. The D-Train was bought for 3M and only got a 400 PSA. That’s a flop. However, next weekend, Avengers will have to face Mad Max and Pitch Perfect 2, both of which are tracking at 40M. It could shove Avengers to third. There will be a very close race for the top 3, with all three performing well.

1) Avengers: Age Of Ultron- 77.2M Weekend, 312.8M Total
2) Hot Pursuit- 13.3M Weekend, 13.3M Total
3) Age Of Adaline- 5.6M Weekend, 31.5M Total
4) Furious 7- 5.2M Weekend, 338.4M Total
5) Paul Blart 2- 5.1M Weekend, 58.1M Total
6) Ex Machina- 3.4M Weekend, 15.7M Total
7) Home- 3M Weekend, 162.1M Total
8) Woman In Gold- 1.6M Weekend, 26.9M Total
9) Cinderella- 1.5M Weekend, 196.2M Total
10) Unfriended- 1.4M Weekend, 30.9M Total
??) Far From The Madding Crowd- 0.7M Weekend, 1M Total
??) The Water Diviner- 0.5M Weekend, 3.2M Total
??) The D-Train- 0.4M Weekend, 0.4M Total
??) Maggie- 131K Weekend, 131K Total

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