True Detective: Season 2- Pilot

Starring: Rachel McAdams, Colin Farrell, Taylor Kitsch, Vince Vaughn, W. Earl Brown, Leven Rambin, David Morse, Kelly Reilly

I’ll admit, I didn’t watch Season 1 of True Detective. I know, I should have. I’ve been bad. I apologize. However, now I know that True Detective is something not to be missed, and the season premiere (for me at least) proved that True Detective is a juggernaut to be afraid of. When you get Top Tier talent like Farrell and McAdams, you’re bound to see some amazing results. Farrell is destined for an Emmy nomination if he keeps up this level of intensity in every episode. McAdams is more of a slow boil character, but I can already tell she’s going to be the anchor for this series. I was even impressed with Taylor Kitsch. He’s been stepping up his game recently, and he deserves to be taken seriously as an actor. He was always good on Friday Night Lights, but poor film choices (Battleship, John Carter) made people think he was B-level talent. Nope. He’s A-List.

The pilot is almost a prologue to the mystery of the season, introducing us to all the characters. The mystery only starts in the last few minutes, and by then we have a solid understanding of who the characters are. McAdams is hanging on by a thread, put on edge by her sister (Rambin) who is doing porn, and her dad (Morse), a religious nut. Farrell is an alcoholic with rage issues, who has several chances to go insane throughout the pilot. Kitsch… he’s got some issues too, but he got a little tabled (sadly) in favor of McAdams, Farrell, and Vaughn. Vaughn plays a developer with ties to a missing person, which could make him our primary suspect.

I’m sure season one was somehow better than this, but I haven’t seen a season premiere this good in a long time. I’m totally down for more.


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