NBC Cancels ‘Hannibal’, Will It Feast Elsewhere?

NBC has cancelled Hannibal, and I gotta say… I’m not surprised. I would be surprised if the show couldn’t find life elsewhere. Ideally, a streaming service like Netflix or Amazon, but the pay networks should take notice too. Imagine if EPIX stepped in and grabbed Hannibal. Suddenly the producers aren’t restricted by network standards anymore, and EPIX has a TV series that will attract attention to their service. They’ve recently decided to start making original TV shows. Hannibal could also work on Cinemax, or even something more specific like DirectTV.

This is a franchise, one with devoted fans, and one that is still currently airing. There are 10 episodes left to air this summer, and Hannibal is going to comic-con. I can’t see Hannibal not getting saved.

One thought on “NBC Cancels ‘Hannibal’, Will It Feast Elsewhere?

  1. I really really hope this show finds life somewhere else. It is so beautifully and artistically shot, it would be a shame if this were to be the end.

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