‘True’ Returns Up, ‘Ballers’ Debuts Strong, ‘Adoption’ Deadly

True Detective returned on Sunday for HBO, and it improved over Season 1. The 9PM premiere nabbed 3.2M viewers, up from 2.3 for Season 1. It was behind the Season Finale of Season 1, which ended with 3.5M. True Detective led into Ballers, which launched strong with 2.2M viewers becoming HBO’s top half-hour debut in six years. Ballers led into The Brink, which pulled in a respectable 1.6M.

Over on Lifetime, the Will Ferrell/Kristin Wiig telefilm A Deadly Adoption pulled in 2.1M on Saturday night, which is OK, but pales in comparison to the 4.5M that Whitney pulled in, or the 6.1M that Flowers In The Attic managed, and nowhere near the 6.5 that Steel Magnolias pulled in. But is it above the average Lifetime movie? Sure.

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