Box Office Predictions: ‘Ted 2’ Set To Take On Emotions and Dinosaurs

It’s possible that Jurassic World will remain on top for a third straight weekend. Ted 2 isn’t quite getting great reviews. The first one opened to 54M. I think we’ll be just below that, but enough below to take second place to Jurassic World. Inside Out also likely will drop just shy of 50% in Week 2, so we have three films with incredibly strong grosses. Family pic Max is likely to make a tiny splash this week, compared to the other juggernauts. However, when you consider that the movie is virtually star free, it’s not a bad gross. Jurassic World will also surpass Avengers: Age Of Ultron to be the #1 film of the year. I don’t think anyone saw that coming six months ago. In limited release, Big Game and Batkid Begins look to make a splash.

1) Jurassic World- 55M Weekend, 489M Total
2) Ted 2- 51M Weekend, 51M Weekend
3) Inside Out- 47M Weekend, 177M Total
4) Max- 13M Weekend, 13M Total
5) Spy- 7M Weekend, 87M Total
6) San Andreas- 5M Weekend, 141M Total
7) Dope- 4M Weekend, 13M Total
8) Insidious Chapter 3- 2.5M Weekend, 49M Total
9) Pitch Perfect 3- 2M Weekend, 181M Total
10) Mad Max: Fury Road- 2M Weekend, 147M Total
11) Avengers: Age Of Ultron- 2M Weekend, 453M Total

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