The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out Of Water

Starring: Antonio Banderas
Directed By: Paul Tibbitt

Actually… not a bad movie. I spent most of the movie wondering when the Sponge was actually going to go “Out Of Water”. It took a very long time. Like… the final 4th of the film is out of water, though Antonio Banderas appears throughout. It’s a nice shot in the arm to a franchise that really needed one. Spongebob is now fully energized and ready to resume being a franchise again. Part of what worked here was the arc for Plankton, taking him from the main villain to a hero. That’s always a nice arc to see.

I’m keeping this review short, because it’s unlikely you’re interested in this film for your own personal edification. Will you enjoy it as an adult? Perhaps. At least, if you grew up with Spongebob a little bit, then you might. It’s not 100% for kids, but it’s a solid 80%. That 20% will make you chuckle though.


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