Scream (Pilot)

Starring: Willa Fitzgerald, Bex Taylor Klaus, John Karna, Amadeus Serafini, Connor Weil, Carlson Young, Bobby Campo, Tom Maden, Tracy Middendorf

It’s hard to reinvent a series that is so well known. We all know Ghostface, and “Do you like scary movies?” Most of us remember Woodsboro and the Stab films. We know a few of Randy’s rules to surviving a scary movie. We even maybe liked Scream 4.

This new Scream throws everything you knew about the franchise out the window. The only things that are similar involve a killer, some teenagers, and mysterious phone messages. Basically, everything else is different. We’re introduced to a new crop of lead teenagers, any one of whom could be a killer. Though, we’re led to believe that least likely is Emma (Fitzgerald), who seems to be our new target Sydney Prescott damsel in distress. Except, she’s not so innocent, and her friends definitely have dark secrets.

The pilot opens with the leaking of a viral video of Audrey (Taylor-Klaus) making out with a girl in a car, which was leaked by Nina (Bella Thorne), who is then promptly killed by our new “Ghostface”. It’s not the same mask, but it at least pays some homage to the original mask.

The rest of the episode gets us attached to our main characters. Because, like another character describes, we have to get attached to the characters first, so that way when they die… it hurts. It’s kinda true. Nina’s death meant nothing at the top of the series. She was kind of a bitch anyway, and we hardly knew her. So, when our first series regular goes, we might actually run to our facebooks and update our statuses with NOOOOOOOO!!!!. Well, that’s what MTV is hoping.

For me, I’d like to see Audrey and Noah (Karna) survive. Maybe some others after a few more episodes. Right now, I’m pulling for the outcasts.

Look, I’m on board for repeat episodes. I think there’s a solid format here they’re exploring, promising at least a death an episode until we find out who the killer is. Hopefully, we DO find out who the killer is, and this doesn’t turn into The Killing, where we keep waiting for answers that are never coming. MTV could use more shows like this.


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