Weekend Box Office: Jurassic Keeps #1, No ‘Magic’ This Weekend

JurassicWorld managed to top the box office again for the fourth straight week. The dino-might pic (sorry) became the 4th highest grossing film of all time, surpassing 2008’s The Dark Knight. Its next target is The Avengers, which is 3rd with 623.3M domestically, or roughly 65.1M away. By my early projections, Jurassic World seems to have enough steam to push past The Avengers, and possibly also #2 Titanic (though that will be close). It is unlikely it will unseat the #1 film, Avatar. Worldwide, Jurassic World is the 5th highest grossing film of all time, having just passed Avengers: Age Of Ultron. Its next victim worldwide is this years Furious 7, which made over 1.5 billion worldwide.

Inside Out is currently the victor of the “Movies That Never Hit #1”, as long as it turns out that it didn’t eek out a victory this weekend. It recently passed My Big Fat Greek Wedding to be the top film on that list. Domestically, Inside Out is now in the top 100, sitting at #93 all time (and climbing). It needs to break 304M domestically to be in the top 50, and 378M to be in the Top 25.

Terminator Genisys had a terrific weekend overseas, but you won’t be hearing about that in your facebook thread. Everyone else is calling this a bomb, despite the fact that it raked in 74M overseas, beating Minions (which is already out in several countries, and made 54M internationally this weekend). Domestically, people just weren’t that excited. Will the foreign grosses be enough to keep the franchise alive?

Magic Mike XXL, as I pointed out earlier in the week, cost so little that it’s already profitable. Though it won’t come anywhere near the gross of the first film (113.7M domestic). A good cinemascore suggests that it might have some decent legs.

Ted 2 had a harsh drop this weekend, and I can’t figure out why. I loved the sequel, but audiences aren’t giving it a chance. Critics this year seem to have ruined a few decent films, like Terminator Genisys, Tomorrowland, and Ted 2, keeping them from actually being seen by real people. Ted 2 fell 67% in its second weekend, a drop usually reserved only for horror movies.

Max continued to do well, considering it has a lack of star power. Max dropped 45% with no new kids competition. Spy also continues to do well, and should break 100M next Friday. It fell only 30% this weekend. San Andreas continued to do well, dropping only 43%.

Me Earl and the Dying Girl cracked the Top 10 this weekend, but with a sad PSA of 1,517. We can do better than that. This is one of the best films of the year. Christian driven Faith Of Our Fathers debuted in 344 screens, with a 1,259PSA. Well reviewed documentary Amy was the big success, launching in 6 theatres with a 37K per screen average.

Next weekend, Minions aims to dethrone Jurassic World (which can’t be that hard), and Self/Less and The Gallows both look to find at least a few people interested in seeing their films. In limited release, Robin Williams’s final on-screen appearance in Boulevard is released (he’ll lend his voice to another film later).

1) Jurassic World- 30.9M Weekend, 558.2M Total
Click Here For My Review Of JURASSIC WORLD
2) Inside Out- 30.1M Weekend, 246.4M Total
Click Here For My Review Of INSIDE OUT
3) Terminator Genisys- 28.7M Weekend, 44.2M Total
Click Here For My Review Of TERMINATOR GENISYS
4) Magic Mike XXL- 12M Weekend, 27.1M Total
5) Ted 2- 11M Weekend, 58.3M Total
Click Here For My Review of TED 2
6) Max- 7M Weekend, 25.7M Total
Click Here For My Review of MAX
7) Spy- 5.5M Weekend, 97.8M Total
Click Here For My Review of SPY
8) San Andreas- 3M Weekend, 147.4M Total
Click Here For My Review of SAN ANDREAS
9) Me and Earl and the Dying Girl- 1.3M Weekend, 4M Total
10) Dope- 1.1M Weekend, 14.1M Total
11) Mad Max: Fury Road- 1.0M Weekend, 149M Total
Click Here For My Review of MAD MAX FURY ROAD
12) Avengers: Age Of Ultron- 852K Weekend, 454.1M Total
Click Here For My Review of AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON
??) Pitch Perfect 2- 572K Weekend, 182.3M Total
Click Here For My Review of PITCH PERFECT 2
??) Faith Of Our Fathers- 506K Weekend, 506K Total
??) I’ll See You In My Dreams- 470K Weekend, 5.8M Total
??) The Overnight- 361K Weekend, 664K Total
??) Amy- 222K Weekend, 222K Total (37K PSA)
??) Infinitely Polar Bear- 202K Weekend, 363K Total
??) A Little Chaos- 126K Weekend, 396K Total
??) Jimmy’s Hall- 22K Weekend, 22K Total (7K PSA)
??) Cartel Land- 17K Weekend, 17K Total

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