The Man In The High Castle (Pilot)

Starring: Luke Kleintank, Alexa Davalos, Rupert Evans, Rufus Sewell

Based on a Philip K. Dick novel, The Man In The High Castle is HIGH concept. Imagine we lost World War II, and Germany and Japan invaded the US and split us in half, what would life be like? That’s basically the main attraction for The Man In The High Castle. The rest of it is that it is super mysterious and refuses to actually reveal much of its plot in the pilot.

The super mysterious pilot shows us a few main characters. Joe (Kleintank) might be on a mission to meet the resistance. Juliana (Davalos) might also be on her way to meet the resistance, after finding some super secret stuff. Rufus Sewell is definitely a nazi villain though. No mystery there.

I thought it was a strong pilot. I just saw Luke Kleintank in Max, and had I seen this Amazon pilot before Max, I might have been like “who is this random dude?” He’s not a bad leading man for the series. Alexa Davalos is the strong woman type, so it’ll be interesting to see how their characters unfold. I would say I’m cautiously optimistic about the direction of the series. I think the concept is strong, the talent is good, and there’s a lot of promise. I would caution them on asking too many questions they don’t intend on answering. Shows that get bogged down in mystery often end up losing viewers who either find it hard keeping up with all the unanswered questions, or abandon ship because they’re annoyed their questions aren’t being answered. Just ask The Killing what happened to them after Season 1.

I will also add that I don’t think this show would have worked on network TV. Too controversial. It might have worked on an edgy cable network like FX that enjoys taking risks. Without streaming services, pay channels would have been the most likely host. Now, we have Amazon and Netflix, so we have options for shows that are risk takers. With Ridley Scott on board as producer, I have hopes. I’m glad Amazon ordered this to series.


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