Weekend Box Office: ‘Minions’ Is Way Ahead

Minions is another huge hit for Universal. Next weekend, they’re likely to keep the streak up with Trainwreck next weekend. They’ve already landed Fifty Shades Of Grey, Pitch Perfect 2, Furious 7, and Jurassic World this year. Now Minions, and likely Trainwreck next weekend. Straight Outta Compton will close out the summer for them, probably strong. They have the top 2 positions at the box office this week. Not doing so hot… Self/Less, which slipped into 8th place below Ted 2. Ryan Reynolds may have had a huge hit at comic con this weekend with the Deadpool trailer, but no one cared about Self/Less. Baahubali surprised and broke into the top 10, another surprise hit from Bollywood.

1) Minions- 115M Weekend, 115M Total
2) Jurassic World- 18M Weekend, 590M Total
3) Inside Out- 17.5M Weekend, 284M Total
4) Terminator Genisys- 13.5M Weekend, 68.5M Total
5) The Gallows- 10M Weekend, 10M Total
6) Magic Mike- 9.5M Weekend, 48M Total
7) Ted 2- 5.5M Weekend, 71.5M Total
8) Self/Less- 5.2M Weekend, 5.2M Total
9) Baahubali: The Beginning- 3.5M Weekend, 3.5M Total
10) Max- 3.4M Weekend, 33.7M Total
11) Spy- 3M Weekend, 103.4M Total
??) Amy- 1.7M Weekend, 2.1M Total
??) San Andreas- 1.2M Weekend, 150M Total
??) Me Earl and the Dying Girl- 665K Weekend, 5.5M Total
??) Dope- 622K Weekend, 15.4M Total
??) Mad Max: Fury Road- 615K Weekend, 150.2M Total
??) Love and Mercy- 441K Weekend, 11.3M Total
??) Avengers: Age Of Ultron- 439K Weekend, 455.2M Total
??) I’ll See You In My Dreams- 354K Weekend, 6.4M Total
??) Pitch Perfect 2- 339K Weekend, 183.1M Total
??) Testament Of Youth- 182K Weekend, 1.1M Total
??) Infinitely Polar Bear- 172K Weekend, 608K Total
??) The Overnight- 119K Weekend, 931K Total
??) Faith Of Our Fathers- 82K Weekend, 883K Total
??) Jimmy’s Hall- 41K Weekend, 71K Total
??) Boulevard- 7K Weekend, 7K Total

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