Scream: The Series. Who’s The Killer?

After five episodes, it’s pretty obvious that a few people just don’t have the ability to be the killer, or if they do, the editing is terrible.

Emma- Why would she be sending herself crazy messages, when she’s by herself, and not around other people? She’s clearly the Sydney of the franchise, and there’s a 0% chance she’s a killer.

Brooke- Aside from her not being strong enough for any of it, she also was in a bedroom by herself as a potential victim. She was waiting for someone to show up. She had no idea what was happening. If she’s the killer, we have awful editing.

Maggie- Cause… what, she’s harassing her daughter over her own past? What would the motive be? Why?

Noah- Let’s be honest. No one wants Noah to be the killer. He’s the Randy of the group we’re all hoping survives the first season. I also don’t think Noah would have killed Riley that quick, especially since they had never “consummated” their relationship.

Audrey- Again, because she seems fairly pegged as in the “good guy” team. There aren’t really any major reasons she couldn’t be the killer. We haven’t seen her in a situation yet that screams “clearly, not the killer”. I’m hoping and waiting.

Will- Because it was already the boyfriend once. Get original.

Sheriff Hudson- He couldn’t do it solo. He couldn’t have possibly killed Riley.

Mayor- Would Brooke’s dad have put Brooke in danger? Yeah, he probably killed his wife, but I don’t think that means he’s texting Emma and chasing Riley up a ladder.

Jake- I don’t think he’s smart enough to be the killer, but if there are two… maybe.

Kieran- He’s just so damn mysterious. He has access to files. He disappeared for a while. Maybe it’s the new bad boy.

Branson- He’s spying on his students, he’s having sex with one of them. He’s totally shady.

Piper- I totally think she’s the killer. She even dropped the hint to Emma about her father’s murder never being solved. She seems so nice, but there’s a dark side there. Plus, she clearly knows how to use technology. There’s still a possibility she’s working with one of the other potential killers.

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