Kevin From Work- Pilot

Starring: Noah Reid, Jordan Hinson, Amy Sedaris, Kimberly Crossman, Matthew Florida, Punam Patel, Paige Spara

ABC Family has gone single-comedy, in a show that feels very much like a show that shouldn’t be on ABC Family. Kevin is kind of a lackluster character who is about to leave his job for a new one, but he’s having second thoughts because of a girl. Obviously, he doesn’t end up leaving, because that would be a weird pilot set up, and he ends up telling the girl that he loves her. Awkward. It’s not a bad pilot, it’s just one that you would want to see another episode of before making a full decision to give it a series order or not. The pilot is just good enough to get me interested in a second episode, but not enough to have me running through the streets. Mainly because of the supporting cast. Amy Sedaris? I know she’s talented, but I’d write her character out of the show fast. And Kevin needs to lose his oversexed little sister. And Audrey should lose her roommate.

This show is basically like The Mindy Project, which underwent a lot of changes in its first season. You just keep one or two characters (maybe three), drop everyone else, retool and move forward. Kevin needs better co-workers. Audrey needs a better roommate. This series is going to struggle to float for a full season with all the dead weight on board. I might watch the next episode, but there are much better shows I could be watching.

Like I said, not a bad show, or a bad pilot, but it needs to drop a few supporting characters.


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