Friday Box Office: ‘Compton’ Strikes A Chord

Straight Outta Compton has hit a big chord with audiences, opening to 24.3M on Friday (including Thursday previews), making it the fourth highest opening day ever for an August release, beating much bigger films like GI Joe: The Rise Of Cobra and Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes. This film likely won’t fade fast, as the film is earning a coveted A cinemascore, meaning word of mouth in the following weeks will help carry this film. This reception is even leading Universal to consider Compton an Oscar contender, and will start campaigning for the film that way. Will we be discussing Straight Outta Compton as a legitimate Best Picture contender in a few months? The film does have an 88% on Rotten Tomatoes, which suggests that it has a shot. Audiences haven’t been so kind with The Man From UNCLE, which is falling below expectations, only pulling in 4.8M on Friday. Not good news for a film that cost 80M to make. UNCLE also has only been given a B cinemascore, meaning word of mouth won’t be helping it in the coming weeks.

Last weeks release, Fantastic Four dropped 78% Friday-To-Friday, signaling the end for the critically lambasted film. In limited release, Mistress America made 21K on Friday, while Walt Before Mickey pulled in 8K. Interestingly enough about Walt Before Mickey, the film has not been reviewed by a single critic over on Rotten Tomatoes.

Below are the Top 10, and their new updated Weekend projections

1) Straight Outta Compton- 24.3M Friday, 58M Weekend
2) Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation- 4.8M Friday, 17M Weekend
3) The Man From UNCLE- 4.8M Friday, 13.5M Weekend
4) Fantastic Four- 2.5M Friday, 8M Weekend
5) The Gift- 2M Friday, 6.5M Weekend
6) Ant-Man- 1.7M Friday, 6M Weekend
7) Minions- 1.5M Friday- 5.5M Weekend
8) Vacation- 1.5M Friday- 5M Weekend
9) Ricki and the Flash- 1.3M Friday- 4.5M Weekend
10) Trainwreck- 1.2M Friday, 4M Weekend

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