Ratings: ‘Muppets’ A Hit, ‘Queens’ Not So Much…

The Muppets was a huge bright spot for ABC, as it launched to 8.9M viewers on Tuesday, with 2.8 in the demo. That’s more than double what Selfie managed in the same timeslot a year ago. That led to a strong return for Fresh Off The Boat, which brought in 6.1M, and Dancing With The Stars at 9.5M.

Over on FOX, Scream Queens didn’t launch quite as big as expected, bringing in only 4M viewers. That number is essentially disappointing, but also not at the same time. That 4M is up from previous Tuesday night lineups, notably up considerably from Utopia and New Girl/Mindy Project. While 4M may not be what FOX expected, it might still be enough to keep Scream Queens alive.

At CBS, NCIS returned high to 17.7M, followed by NCIS: New Orleans at 12.5M, and then new series debut Limitless at 9.8M, down from last seasons Person Of Interest in total viewers, but matching the demo rating. 9.8M is a weak debut for a CBS show. I wonder if mixed reviews turned people away.

NBC saw The Voice with 12.2M and Best Time Ever with 6.2M.

FOX has had a rough first two nights of the season, but look for that all to change tonight when Empire returns.

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