Box Office Predictions: ‘Transylvania 2’ The Top

Hotel Transylvania 2 is about to benefit from being the only kids movie in the marketplace. The first made 42M in opening weekend, and I don’t think there’s enough demand for the sequel for it to surpass that. It’ll fall a little short, perhaps with around 40M.

The Intern is tracking well, and there isn’t anything like it in the marketplace right now. It has a good cast, has a good marketing campaign, and should end up performing “above average”. Everest expands this weekend, and based on its returns on only IMAX screens last weekend, it should do well in its wide expansion.

Maze Runner should fall 55-60%, Black Mass should fall closer to the 45-50% range, and The Green Inferno will barely open in the top 10. How many people really want to watch the long delayed, controversial Eli Roth shock flick about cannibals? No one.

1) Hotel Transylvania 2- 40M Weekend, 40M Total
2) The Intern- 18M Weekend, 18M Total
3) Everest- 16M Weekend, 25M Total
4) Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials- 13M Weekend, 49M Total
5) Black Mass- 12M Weekend, 42M Total
6) The Visit- 6M Weekend, 51M Total
7) War Room- 5M Weekend, 56M Total
8) The Perfect Guy- 4.5M Weekend, 48M Total
9) The Green Inferno- 2.5M Weekend, 2.5M Total
10) A Walk In The Woods- 2M Weekend, 28M Total

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