Weekend Box Office: ‘Hotel Transylvania 2’ Climbs ‘Everest’ To The Top

Hotel Transylvania 2 was the big draw this weekend, for sure. It actually passed the original Hotel Transylvania (which was the record holder for top September opening) and set a new record… 5 million more than the original. It’s also Adam Sandler’s biggest opener since The Longest Yard in 2006. It actually managed an A- cinemascore too, suggesting a long run at the box office.

The other new release with an A- is The Intern, which had an above average opening, as it is really the only adult comedy in the Top 10. A very serious Top 10, except for the top 2. Everest expanded well. Pawn Sacrifice… not so much. The Tobey Maguire drama has already dipped to a 1,307PSA, which is really low for an Oscar buzzed film. Sicario, meanwhile, posted a strong 30K average and managed to break the top 10 on only 59 screens, besting Pawn Sacrifice, which is on 781 screens.

Stonewall couldn’t shake its terrible reviews and bad buzz, getting only 871 per screen. 99 Homes fared better with a 16K average, as did Mississippi Grind with a 14K average. Both films have good reviews, and are hoping to ride the Oscar wave in the weeks coming.

Next week, The Walk opens in IMAX only (mirroring Everest’s limited opening), as well as The Martian, and the nationwide expansion of Sicario. In limited release, Freeheld, He Named Me Malala, and Shanghai are notables. And, Attack On Titan pt 1 could be a surprise hit depending on its screen count.

1) Hotel Transylvania 2- 47.5M Weekend, 47.5M Total
2) The Intern- 18.2M Weekend, 18.2M Total
3) The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials- 14M Weekend, 51.6M Total
4) Everest- 13M Weekend, 23M Total
5) Black Mass- 11.5M Weekend, 42.6M Total
6) The Visit- 6.7M Weekend, 52.2M Total
7) The Perfect Guy- 4.7M Weekend, 48.8M Total
8) War Room- 4.2M Weekend, 55.9M Total
9) The Green Inferno- 3.4M Weekend, 3.4M Total
10) Sicario- 1.7M Weekend, 2.3M Total
11) A Walk In The Woods- 1.0M Weekend, 27.3M Total
12) Pawn Sacrifice- 1.0M Weekend, 1.3M Total
13) Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation- 920K Weekend, 193.4M Total
14) Grandma- 814K Weekend, 5.1M Total
15) Pixels- 785K Weekend, 77.2M Total
18) Captive- 505K Weekend, 2.2M Total
28) Sleeping With Other People- 139K Weekend, 387K Total
29) Stonewall- 112K Weekend, 112K Total
30) Goodnight Mommy- 108K Weekend, 280K Total
40) 99 Homes- 32K Weekend, 32K Total
43) Mississippi Grind- 14K Weekend, 14K Total

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