Blood & Oil- Pilot

Starring: Chace Crawford, Don Johnson, Rebecca Rittenhouse, Amber Valetta, Scott Michael Foster, Delroy Lindo, Adan Canto, India de Beaufort

Blood & Oil is the show you’re supposed to hate, right? It’s the show with tons of bad press, and a silly name. Well, it reminded me a lot of where Revenge started too. Revenge did not have a great pilot, was a little too soapy, and took a few episodes to really get going. Blood and Oil is basically that same start. It has a likeable cast, in a seemingly plotless show that actually features Chace getting into two car accidents in the pilot. Is he really the worst driver in the world, or what? You can’t just use a car accident as a plot device.

Don Johnson is solid. Rebecca Rittenhouse is really likeable. Amber Valetta is wasted, but hopefully will get more to do. Scott Michael Foster is OK… I liked him better on Greek. Delroy Lindo is wasted.

I’m definitely interested enough to find out where episode two goes, especially since the pilot ends on a cliffhanger. So, I’m coming back (for now), but it’s about to have to compete with The Walking Dead… and that’s one hell of a show to go up against.

I feel like this show is going to get cancelled, so I can’t get too attached. It just feels like a show destined for cancellation.

Not the worst pilot I’ve seen from the fall bunch.


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