Two Weeks In. Who Will Be The First To Go? To Stay?

We’re two weeks into the fall season, and already some shows have made a splash, and some have flopped. Here’s what I expect to happen at each network:

Life In Pieces is not a runaway hit warranting an immediate renewal, so I expect CBS to wait before picking this up for a full season. It looks like it might get that full season, but just not right away. I’m betting their first pick up is Limitless. Code Black didn’t premiere high enough to warrant a swift pick up. The only thing doing kind of good business for CBS of the new trio is Limitless, which should get a full season possibly as early as next week.

ABC has The Muppets, which was ordered as a limited series and is doing rather well. If they can order more episodes for later this spring, they should. Otherwise, the decision comes to ‘will there be a second season?’ to which I’d answer “Yes.” ABC’s other new shows Blood and Oil and Quantico aren’t doing well enough to warrant swift pick ups or cancellations either way.

I expect NBC to have the first full season order for a Freshman after one more airing of Blindspot. It’s been a steady performer for them on Monday, and it will be rewarded. Their Thursday night lineup… not so much. Heroes is disappointing, and The Player is headed for cancellation.

Scream Queens is doing just OK, and won’t get a back 9 order. It’s only in consideration for a second season. If the ratings hold for Grandfathered and The Grinder, I expect FOX will order both, but not until they’re at least 3 episodes in. FOX is going to end up cancelling Minority Report, and Sleepy Hollow. Sleepy Hollow has the benefit of a Bones crossover coming up, but if that doesn’t fix its ratings, it’s gonna be shifted to Friday for a burnoff. Rosewood will be the first “full season” order for FOX, which could come as early as next week, but more likely the following week (four episodes deep). It’s easier for FOX to move on Rosewood, because they can see two other timeslots falling apart.

Projected First Full Season Order: Blindspot
Projected First Second Season Order: The Muppets
Projected First Cancellation: Dr. Ken

Yes, despite the poor showings of The Player and Minority Report, I’m still betting ABC distances itself from Dr. Ken faster than the other two shows. Honestly, reruns of The Muppets on Friday wouldn’t be the worst thing to happen to Last Man Standing.

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