Box Office Predictions: ‘Martian’ Might Lose First

I only said “might”. I didn’t say for sure. Calm down. With the small week-to-week drop that Martian had last week, a repeat of that could land The Martian a victory over Goosebumps this weekend. The PG rated Jack Black flick is expected to be the top opener of the weekend, as the dark Tom Hanks Bridge Of Spies and Guillermo Del Toro’s Crimson Peak vie for adult audiences. All three new entries have positive RT scores, with Bridge Of Spies leading the bunch. But Goosebumps, for what its worth, currently has a nice 83% with 23 reviews counted, compared to Crimson Peak’s 78% with 19 reviews. Bridge Of Spies has been reviewed the most of the three with 32 currently posted.

Bridge Of Spies is solely opening on the Tom Hanks/Steven Spielberg combo. This same period two years ago belonged to Hanks with Captain Phillips opening to 25M. The last time Hanks opened with Spielberg as the director, it was 2004’s The Terminal, which opened to 17M. Spielberg’s last was Lincoln, which ended up with 182M domestically. That’s a pretty good feat.

Jack Black is a bit more on shaky ground. Earlier this year he fronted The D Train, which bombed, pulling in 447K in over 1,000 screens. He hasn’t been a proven success in a live action film since 2008’s Tropic Thunder, which even then was arguably an ensemble pic. If anything, Goosebumps is looking to jumpstart his career again.

Opening in moderately wide release is Woodlawn, from PureFlix. I think I’ve said enough about that.

1) The Martian- 23M Weekend, 151M Total
2) Goosebumps- 20M Weekend, 20M Total
3) Bridge Of Spies- 18M Weekend, 18M Total
4) Crimson Peak- 15M Weekend, 15M Total
5) Hotel Transylvania 2- 12M Weekend, 144M Total
6) Pan- 8.5M Weekend, 31M Total
7) The Intern- 5.5M Weekend, 59M Total
8) Sicario- 5M Weekend, 36M Total
9) Maze Runner: Scorch Trials- 3.5M Weekend, 77M Total
10) Woodlawn- 2.5M Weekend, 2.5M Total

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