Weekend Box Office: Lowest ‘Hunger Games’ Debut So Far

1) The Hunger Games: Mockingjay pt 2- 101.0M Weekend, 101.0M Total
2) Spectre- 14.6M Weekend, 153.7M Total
3) Peanuts- 12.8M Weekend, 98.9M Total
4) The Night Before- 10.1M Weekend, 10.1M Total
5) The Secret In Their Eyes- 6.6M Weekend, 6.6M Total
6) Love The Coopers- 3.9M Weekend, 14.9M Total
7) The Martian- 3.7M Weekend, 213.0M Total
8) Spotlight- 3.6M Weekend, 5.8M Total
9) The 33- 2.2M Weekend, 9.9M Total
10) Bridge Of Spies- 1.9M Weekend, 65.1M Total
11) Goosebumps- 1.7M Weekend, 76M Total
12) Brooklyn- 1.1M Weekend, 2.1M Total
13) Hotel Transylvania 2- 775K Weekend, 166.4M Total
14) Prem Ratan Dhan Payo- 640K Weekend, 3.9M Total
15) Suffragette- 500K Weekend, 3.5M Total
18) Room- 379K Weekend, 2.8M Total
19) My All American- 369K Weekend, 2.2M Total
21) Trumbo- 252K Weekend, 580K Total
23) Carol- 248K Weekend, 248K Total
26) By The Sea- 185K Weekend, 312K Total
30) Legend- 83K Weekend, 83K Total

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