It Came From Netflix: A Very Murray Christmas


Anyone who remembers the humble beginnings of Netflix will remember that it was merely an alternative to blockbuster, very few would have imagined that it would have become something that would rival most networks. Like it’s network counterparts Netflix has ventured into original programing. One of these original programs is an absolute gem, A very Murray Christmas. This show takes the tired format of the holiday variety show and turns it on its head by making it a self aware parody in the vein of curb your enthusiasm. Murray plays a forlorn celebrity who is contractually obligated to star in a holiday special which is filming live in new york amidst a severe blizzard. This special is written and directed with utmost compassion by Sophia Coppola who seems to know how to handle Bill Murray ability after lost in translation. Overall, this special is fantastic and filled with numerous guests. If you’re looking for a different kind of christmas special then look no further.

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