Weekend Box Office: Christmas ‘Awakens’ Your Wallet

So, not only did Star Wars manage to continue to do insane business, but for the most part, a bunch of other films did really well over Christmas weekend. The Top 10 at the box office made over 268 million in three days. That’s incredible. Even more incredible are the weekend-to-weekend drops. Star Wars was the largest in the top 10, with only 38%. Hunger Games dropped 10%. Creed dropped 8%. Sisters is only off 0.3% from last week, and that’s with a B- cinemascore. Just incredible.

Speaking of Cinemascores, Concussion wins out of the new entries with an A cinemascore. The Big Short managed an A-, Daddy’s Home and Joy both got a B+, while Point Break came in last with a B. That last one is amazing considering the film has a 4% on Rotten Tomatoes. Cinemascore may be the only thing to save Point Break over the coming weeks.

In just 10 days of release, Star Wars is now the 2nd highest film of 2015 (behind only Jurassic World). It is 108M behind Jurassic World right now, so obviously, it will overtake it. It is also only 216M behind Avatar, so it likely will surpass that, and become the #1 grossing film of all time, domestically. Some people are now beginning to wonder if Star Wars can hit 1 billion domestically, which is quite a feat for a film that continues to break barriers and set records.

Outside of the Top 10, The Hateful Eight opened strong with a 45K average on just 100 screens. Pretty good, till you look at The Revenant, which managed a per screen of 117K (on only 4 screens). Carol continued to perform well, but The Danish Girl started to slip in its expansion. In The Heart Of The Sea dropped 70%, still not the biggest drop on the list, but also lost 2400 screens (so it was bound to have a huge drop). The biggest reported drop was The Night Before, which fell 80% after losing over a thousand screens.

1) Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens- 153.5M Weekend, 544.5M Total
2) Daddy’s Home- 38.8M Weekend, 38.8M Total
3) Joy- 17.5M Weekend, 17.5M Total
4) Sisters- 13.8M Weekend, 37.1M Total
5) Alvin and the Chipmunks: Road Chip- 12.7M Weekend, 39.3M Total
6) Concussion- 11M Weekend, 11M Total
7) The Big Short- 10.5M Weekend, 16M Total
8) Point Break- 10.2M Weekend, 10.2M Total
9) The Hunger Games: Mockingjay pt 2- 5.3M Weekend, 264.6M Total
10) Creed- 4.6M Weekend, 96.3M Total
11) The Hateful Eight- 4.5M Weekend, 4.5M Total
12) The Good Dinosaur- 3.7M Weekend, 105.3M Total
13) Krampus- 2.2M Weekend, 40.5M Total
14) The Danish Girl- 1.5M Weekend, 3.2M Total
15) Spotlight- 1.0M Weekend, 24.8M Total
16) Carol- 1.0M Weekend, 2.8M Total
17) In The Heart Of The Sea- 1.0M Weekend, 22.3M Total
18) Brooklyn- 1.0M Weekend, 18.3M Total
19) Spectre- 865K Weekend, 196.2M Total
20) The Martian- 485K Weekend, 224.8M Total
21) The Revenant- 471K Weekend, 471K Total
22) The Peanuts Movie- 470K Weekend, 127.6M Total
23) Youth- 345K Weekend, 1M Total
26) Trumbo- 177K Weekend, 6.7M Total
28) Room- 86K Weekend, 4.7M Total
29) 45 Years- 69K Weekend, 93K Total
34) Son Of Saul- 33K Weekend, 97K Total

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