Box Office Predictions: ‘Ride Along 2’ Will Finally Knock ‘Star Wars’ Down

As we head into Martin Luther King Jr weekend, Ride Along 2 is hoping to carry the success of the first film into this coming weekend. One thing is for sure, it will win the weekend. Reviews don’t matter here, as they are about the same as the original (which critics also hated). It’s the rare film that is bulletproof when it comes to reviews. Coming in second is a really tough prediction. Star Wars will dip, but not too harshly, and The Revenant is looking at also having a small dip due to the fact it is now leading in Oscar nominations. 12 nominations is nothing to scoff at, and the Leonardo DiCaprio film also just picked up the Golden Globe for Best Picture, as well as Director, and Actor for DiCaprio. Many people will want to see what all the hype is about. The Revenant is actually expanding this week, adding some IMAX runs. That will also help boost. The other wildcard here is 13 Hours, directed by Michael Bay. It’s politically divisive, sure, but Bay has only opened two films below 20M in his career, and other like minded films (American Sniper comes to mind) have done really well in this same frame. Numbers 2-4 will be really close, and could easily change. I’m guessing The Revenant has a slight edge.

This weekends other new wide release Norm Of The North is hoping to bring in kids who also have a long weekend. It’s only competition is really Alvin and the Chipmunks, as this aims really for the little ones. Older kids still have Star Wars, and likely aren’t interested in seeing Norm. It should do OK, but nothing spectacular this weekend. Brooklyn and Spotlight are both expanding this weekend to capitalize on their Oscar nominations, and while that should increase their grosses, it’s doubtful either can crack the Top 10. The Big Short also has Oscar in its favor.

1) Ride Along 2- 45M 3 Day, 51M 4 Day, 51M Total
2) The Revenant- 28M Weekend, 33M 4 Day, 86M Total
3) 13 Hours- 25M Weekend, 27M Total, 31M 4 Day, 31M Total
4) Star Wars: The Force Awakens- 24M Weekend, 28M 4 Day, 843M Total
5) Daddy’s Home- 8M Weekend, 10M 4 Day, 130M Total
6) Norm Of The North- 6M Weekend, 8M 4 Day, 8M Total
7) The Forest- 5.5M Weekend, 6.5M 4 Day, 22M Total
8) The Big Short- 5M Weekend, 6M 4 Day, 51M Total
9) Sisters- 4.5M Weekend, 5M 4 Day, 82M Total
10) The Hateful Eight- 4M Weekend, 4.5M 4 Day, 49M Total

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