Some Brutal TV Cancellations

So I got a lot of things wrong. It looks like ABC is trying to clean house, cancelling Castle (which I understand had filmed a contingency series finale), and Nashville (I’m fairly certain does not have a series finale), as well as more obvious choices like The Muppets, Agent Carter, and Galavant. I really thought Castle and Nashville would get one final season each, but that isn’t happening. ABC also cancelled The Family, but picked up The Catch, which I thought surprising considering how it’s the most underperforming Shonda Rhimes show. Shonda Rhimes must have some serious pull at ABC. With her new show, Star Crossed, she’ll have five dramas on ABC at some point next season.

FOX got in on the game too, cancelling both The Grinder and Grandfathered, despite industry rumors that one or the other would make the cut. It’s a sad day for me, as I was a big fan of The Grinder. Definitely one of the better written shows, and really funny turns from both Fred Savage and Rob Lowe. FOX also axed Bordertown and Cooper Barrett’s Guide To Surviving Life.

Over at The CW, they announced they were picking up Supergirl from CBS, which meant Containment had to go. The CW has a fuckton of shows lined up for next season, considering they renewed everything besides Containment, picked up Supergirl, and then picked up two pilots.

Speaking of CBS, they cancelled (as expected) CSI Cyber, marking the official end of the CSI franchise. If you’re a franchise fanatic, the best franchise going right now is the Chicago franchise, which started with Fire, expanded to PD, added Med this season, and will add Chicago Justice next season.

I’m betting we’ll hear more on the remaining bubble shows today.

The biggest shows still up in the air:

Sleepy Hollow (FOX)- It wasn’t part of the wave of cancellations yesterday. Was that a good sign?

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders (CBS)- Word on the street is that CBS is about to pick up Code Black. Is there still room for Criminal Minds’ newest spinoff?

Limitless (CBS)- I’m hearing this is dunzo.

Code Black (CBS)- It’s looking good for Code Black…

The Carmichael Show (NBC)- NBC has yet to decide on this critical darling, or the fate of Undateable.

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