Box Office Predictions: Everyone Will Find ‘Dory’ and ‘Intelligence’

Finding Dory is tracking really well headed into the weekend. A lot of comparisons are being made to Toy Story 3, which made 100M+ in its first weekend. This is the widest Pixar release ever, and with some ticket price inflation, Finding Dory could easily hit 110M this weekend, if not higher. It’s one of the few “must see” films this summer, with Rotten Tomatoes backing up that claim with a 95% right now. This weekends other new release, Central Intelligence, has not screened for critics, which is generally a huge “uh oh”. Still, tracking is really good, and Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart have been out in full force promoting it. Both are bankable stars, and the chemistry on these two together is supposedly so good they’re being teamed up again for other projects. For a comparison, I’d use The Heat, which put Bullock and McCarthy together in this same period a few years back.

The Conjuring 2 will continue to overperform, and it’s likely that Warcraft will see a harder drop than Now You See Me 2, causing it to fall below the sequel in week two. They were really close last week, but the word of mouth on Warcraft isn’t as good. Still, with the money this film is doing in China, I can’t imagine a sequel isn’t still being considered.

In other news, Captain America: Civil War will break 400M this weekend, and Angry Birds should break 100M on Thursday or Friday. Milestones, yo.

Next week, Independence Day attempts a Resurgence, and Matthew McConaughey’s civil war drama Free State Of Jones opens. Also, there’s a Fast and Furious rerelease, but the screen count is currently unknown, and for some reason, The Neon Demon is getting a semi-wide release, despite less than flattering reviews.

1) Finding Dory- 110M Weekend, 110M Total
2) Central Intelligence- 35M Weekend, 35M Total
3) The Conjuring 2- 19M Weekend, 75M Total
4) Now You See Me 2- 12M Weekend, 42M Total
5) Warcraft- 11M Weekend, 41M Total
6) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2- 8M Weekend, 74M Total
7) Me Before You- 5M Weekend, 46M Total
8) X-Men Apocalypse- 4.5M Weekend, 144M Total
9) Angry Birds- 4M Weekend, 104M Total
10) Alice Through The Looking Glass- 3M Weekend, 68M Total
11) Captain America: Civil War- 3M Weekend, 401M Total
12) The Jungle Book- 2M Weekend, 356M Total

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