Box Office Predictions: ‘Dory’ Blasts Fireworks At Three New Entries

Finding Dory is still very much the film to watch out for this weekend. It should crush all three new releases. It will likely be the last weekend it sits on top, as The Secret Life Of Pets opens next week.

Legend Of Tarzan is the weakest reviewed new entry, but also the strongest heading into the weekend. It’s the kind of broad appealing film that should do well over the 4th of July weekend, it just lacks star power. Sarsgaard and Robbie aren’t household names, and the film barely advertises Samuel L Jackson’s presence. The BFG is hoping it can ride a wave of mostly positive reviews, and Steven Spielberg recognition. The Purge 3 isn’t likely to replicate the opening weekend of the first two, but a strong debut is still likely.

Swiss Army Man expands into 600+ theatres this weekend, and will likely miss out on the Top 10.

1) Finding Dory- 47M 4 Day Weekend, 383M Total
2) Legend Of Tarzan- 33M 4 Day Weekend, 33M Total
3) The BFG- 29M 4 Day Weekend, 29M Total
4) Independence Day 2- 24M 4 Day Weekend, 77M Total
5) The Purge 3- 22M 4 Day Weekend, 22M Total
6) Central Intelligence- 13M 4 Day Weekend, 91M Total
7) The Shallows- 10M 4 Day Weekend, 36M Total
8) The Conjuring 2- 5M 4 Day Weekend, 96M Total
9) Free State Of Jones- 4.5M 4 Day Weekend, 15M Total
10) Now You See Me 2- 4M 4 Day Weekend, 60M Total
11) Swiss Army Man- 2.5M 4 Day Weekend, 3M Total

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