Weekend Box Office: ‘Dory’ Wins, But ‘Tarzan’ and ‘Purge’ Surprise

Well, it looks like we have a few winners this weekend, and one loser. The Legend Of Tarzan and The Purge 3 both came out winners this weekend. Tarzan overperformed from its original 30M projection, and The Purge 3 actually managed to beat the opening of The Purge 2. That’s something that usually doesn’t happen, but Election Year’s three day is 30.8M and Anarchy’s was 29.8M.

Next weekend, the big new release is The Secret Life Of Pets which is tracking in the 70-80M range. I’d say it could go higher, but Dory is bound to take a 30M chunk out of the family audience next weekend, and both Tarzan and BFG will pull a few families. The adult audiences might gravitate to the raunchy Zac Efron comedy Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, which is tracking around 15M. It does have breakout potential, much like The Shallows, but audiences have not been kind to raunchy R-rated comedies yet. Both Neighbors 2 and Popstar bombed, so many are wondering if the streak will continue with Mike and Dave, or if it will break the streak.

Notably, Swiss Army Man did good business in only a little over 600 screens. It almost cracked the top 10, coming in at 11th.

1) Finding Dory- 50.5M 4 Day Weekend, 380.8M Total
2) The Legend Of Tarzan- 45.5M 4 Day Weekend, 45.5M Total
3) The Purge 3- 34M 4 Day Weekend, 34M Total
4) The BFG- 23.6M 4 Day Weekend, 23.6M Total
5) Independence Day: Resurgence- 20.1M 4 Day Weekend, 76.3M Total
6) Central Intelligence- 14.9M 4 Day Weekend, 94.3M Total
7) The Shallows- 10.7M 4 Day Weekend, 37M Total
8) Free State Of Jones- 5M 4 Day Weekend, 16.1M Total
9) The Conjuring 2- 4.4M 4 Day Weekend, 95.8M Total
10) Now You See Me 2- 3.6M 4 Day Weekend, 59.3M Total
11) Swiss Army Man- 1.7M 4 Day Weekend, 1.9M Total

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