Box Office Predictions: ‘Ghostbusters’ Won’t Bust ‘Pets’

Kids films usually don’t experience harsh drops week-to-week. Finding Dory’s 50% dip was a bit of an anomaly last week. Pets, at its harshest drop, won’t go lower than 55M. It likely will make higher, but this is really the best case scenario for Ghostbusters, would be to have Pets be hit really hard, and Ghostbusters overperform just enough to eek out a win. But, I’m guessing it’ll fall short.

The other new release, The Infiltrator is wide, but not really wide, and not really full of stars. They’re promoting Bryan Cranston, but he’s not really a bankable lead. Look for this film to disappear quickly.

I could write a lengthy article about Ghostbusters, and will-it-or-won’t-it, but honestly, I have no fucking clue. My gut tells me its a hit. 75% on Rotten Tomatoes. I’m hoping it pans out, but I’m honestly not sure. I know I’ll be watching this weekend, but the question is how many others will be? I think 50M is just a safe prediction, but honestly I think Ghostbusters has such a range of potential. It could be a huge flop, and make 25M, or be some mega-cultural success benchmark and rake in 80M. The tracking for this is all over the map, with some saying they love it and have it as first choice, and then you have its youtube trailer as the most disliked trailer in history. It’s all over the map, and 50M is just a safe middle-of-the-road prediction. I’m hoping it goes even higher.

1) Secret Life Of Pets- 55M Weekend, 200M Total
2) Ghostbusters- 50M Weekend, 50M Total
3) Legend Of Tarzan- 14M Weekend, 104M Total
4) Finding Dory- 12M Weekend, 444M Total
5) Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates- 9M Weekend, 32M Total
6) The Purge 3- 7M Weekend, 71M Total
7) The Infiltrator- 6M Weekend, 8M Total
8) Central Intelligence- 5M Weekend, 117M Total
9) The BFG- 4M Weekend, 46M Total
10) Independence Day Resurgence- 4M Weekend, 99M Total

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