The Crazy World Of International Box Office

Australia– Just saw the opening of Finding Dory, Central Intelligence, and The BFG. Nothing really surprising here. Only one of the top 10 is a local film, everything else is American. Finding Dory has already outgrossed Zootopia there, and is about to pass Captain America: Civil War.

Austria– Has already opened Ice Age: Collision Course. Only reports 12 films. #12? The Witch. Does not have Finding Dory.

Belgium– Miles Ahead is playing here interestingly enough. Zootopia and The Jungle Book both outgrossed Captain America.

Brazil– One of the stronger markets with 24 films reported. Captain America made 40M in Brazil, X-Men Apocalypse made 20M, and Jungle Book and Zootopia both around 10M each. So, action is bigger in Brazil than kids films, though Finding Dory has raked in 8.8M so far, and sits at #1. About a third of the releases are local.

Bulgaria– Not a strong market. The top film was Independence Day: Resurgence with only 43K in grosses over the weekend. The highest total is Zootopia at a little over a million. Neighbors 2 made $84 last week in Bulgaria.

Chile– Only eight films reported. Huge disparity in grosses between #3 and #4. There are three films that have most of the screens in the country, and then a few others that only have a few. Angry Birds is playing only on one screen.

China– AKA the new hope. China’s box office is starting to mirror America’s, and provide substantial grosses for some films. Still, there are only 27 reported grosses. TMNT2 made 25M over the weekend, hitting #1. Warcraft has made 220M in China alone. Now You See Me 2 has also outgrossed itself in China. Finding Dory isn’t having as much luck, dropping already to 8th, with only 36M total.

Czech Republic– Finding Dory is the top film here. Warcraft is the highest grossing film in release, with 1.6M total so far.

Denmark– This weekend saw the release of Central Intelligence and Demolition, the indie-flop starring Jake Gyllenhaal. Central Intelligence made 259K for 2nd place, and Demolition opened in dead last with $601. Ouch. Also still in Denmark, I Saw The Light.

Finland– 21 releases, and most of the stuff you’d get here in America. Oddly enough, Freeheld just got a release in Finland, 10 months after it opened in the US. Angry Birds is the biggest grosser here with 3.2M total, beating both Zootopia and The Jungle Book.

France– A local film is on top. Camping 3 opened against The Conjuring 2 and made over twice what The Conjuring 2 managed. 33 reported grosses, 18 are American releases. The Other Side Of The Door managed 1.8M in France, despite only making 3M domestic. Zootopia is tops here, with 31M total. Cafe Society is already in release here, and has made 7M so far.

Germany– The number one film here is Ice Age: Collision Course, but Zootopia is tops overall with 33M. Still in theatres: The Secret In Their Eyes, The Witch, and Miracles From Heaven.

Hong Kong– The Secret Life Of Pets sits at #1, but the top grosser overall is Captain America: Civil War with 15M. Still in theatres: Miracles From Heaven. Interesting fact: Now You See Me 2 outgrossed The Jungle Book.

Iceland– What a bizarre box office. On one hand, they already have Florence Foster Jenkins, which doesn’t open here until August. On the other, they still have Anomolisa and The Witch, and Goodnight Mommy was just released here. Still, it’s a weak box office. The #1 film was Finding Dory with 30K, and their highest grosser is Zootopia at 313K. In fact, Florence Foster Jenkins has only made 9K.

Italy– With 26 films reported, you’d think this would be a strong box office. However, the #1 film made only 404K (The Conjuring 2). It held the #1 spot from last week, despite the new opening of American Ultra. That’s right. Italy just now got American Ultra in theatres. It opened along with Ratchet and Clank, Mississippi Grind, and Neighbors 2. Mothers Day and Everybody Wants Some are still in the Top 10. Misconduct got a theatrical release here, where it has made 699K so far. They don’t have Finding Dory, Ninja Turtles, Independence Day, Central Intelligence, or any of the future releases. Captain America: Civil War is the top grosser, with 12.9M, followed by Zootopia and The Jungle Book.

Japan– Alice Through The Looking Glass is on top here. While Warcraft is a huge hit in China, it’s not in Japan, where it opened in 11th with only 272K. Zootopia was a huge hit here, grossing 68M and still counting. It sits at #3 at the box office still, despite having outgrossed everything including Captain America: Civil War and Deadpool. It’s in week 11 at the box office there. They can’t get enough of Zootopia.

Lithuania– If you look just at the top 4, you’d think it was a really current box office. They do have Independence Day 2, a local film, The BFG, and Central Intelligence. But, then they also have Ratchet and Clank, The Good Dinosaur, Norm Of The North, Hotel Transylvania 2, and Inside Out. Apparently, family films stay in theatres FOREVER in Lithuania. Inside Out has been in release for 47 weeks in Lithuania. Granted, it only made $48 last week. Maybe its time has finally run out? Interestingly, no Zootopia, and the highest grossing film in release is Hotel Transylvania 2 at 606K.

Mexico– Ice Age: Collision Course is #1. Captain America is the top grosser at 41M, ahead of The Jungle Book at 24M, and The Conjuring 2 at 20M.

Netherlands– Some interesting films in release, including Race (which opened here in February), High Rise, Term Life, Eye In The Sky, and Woman In Gold. They like their indies. Woman In Gold has been in theatres for 58 weeks, and it outgrossed Angry Birds and Captain America: Civil War last week. Booya! However, the top grosser here is The Jungle Book, with 10M total, followed by Zootopia, and Captain America.

New Zealand– Finding Dory is tops here, but Sing Street is #7. And, Florence Foster Jenkins is in theatres here as well. Plus, with 46 films reported, I do believe this is the biggest industry in terms of quantity. However, in terms of money, it’s nowhere near China or Brazil. The highest grossing US release here is Jungle Book at 3.6M.

Norway– Independence Day is on top, beating out The Secret Life Of Pets, and Netflix’s The Little Prince, which has made 215K so far. Me Before You is the top grossing film in release with 4.1M total, beating out Jungle Book at 3.5M.

Portugal– 38 films reported, Finding Dory was #1. Angry Birds was a huge hit here, with 1.5M total. Tangerine just opened here, surprisingly, in 25th place with $638.

Romania– Now In Theatres: Barbie: Spy Squad. We unload crap films on Romania. Their top release is Central Intelligence with 123K last weekend, but overall Neighbors 2 is actually on top with slightly more than The Jungle Book.

Russia– 52 reported grosses, and such a huge hodgepodge. Lots of current films, including Legend Of Tarzan and Finding Dory, but also Demolition just opened last weekend, Magic In The Moonlight AND Irrational Man are still in theatres, as well as relative oldies like Ratchet and Clank and Hardcore Henry. A straight-to-video Open Season sequel has made 613K, but the top grosser here is Zootopia at 32M, with Warcraft at 22M, and Jungle Book at 20M. Now You See Me 2 is about to pass Captain America.

Slovakia-Nothing here has even grossed a million. Finding Dory is on top with 882K, so it might do it, as it is still the #1 film in the country. Now You See Me 2 has outgrossed X-Men Apocalypse here.

Slovenia– One of the saddest box offices I’ve seen. The top film made 16K. The top American film is Angry Birds at 266K, which did outgross Zootopia.

South Africa– 28 reported grosses, including head-scratchers like The Keeping Room and Truth. The Perfect Match opened here, and outgrossed Money Monster, The Nice Guys, and The Boss. Finding Dory is the top grossing release currently with 1.8M.

South Korea– The top film here is not American. Tarzan had to settle for 2nd place. 500 Days Of Summer is in 10th place. No, I shit you not. 500 Fucking Days Of Summer is in 10th place, yet they managed to open Tarzan. Apparently it’s a rerelease. They also rereleased Chariots Of Fire. Still in theatres: Suffragette, Criminal, and Octonauts Season 4. Finding Dory is in 22nd place, and while its per screen is OK, it has only made 17K so far, compared to the 8.7M made by Warcraft.

Sweden– The swedes don’t have Dory yet, so Independence Day was tops, and The Jungle Book is tops overall at 7.4M.

Switzerland– Already has Ice Age at #1, but Zootopia is top overall with 5M, ahead of The Jungle Book.

Taiwan– The Secret Life Of Pets is on top here, with only 7 films reported. Now You See Me 2 is top overall with 5.6M, but Captain America had made 16M before leaving theatres the previous week.

Thailand– Legend Of Tarzan is on top, opening against The Shallows. Independence Day is the highest grosser of the top 10 with 3.2M so far.

Turkey– Now You See Me 2 is on top, beating off new releases The Purge: Election Year, The BFG, and Midnight Special. Still in theatres: Fifty Shades Of Black and The Boy. Warcraft is the top grosser here with 2.5M, with Zootopia only at 1.2. In fact, X-Men Apocalypse is the #2 film with 2.4M. Zootopia has also been outgrossed by Now You See Me 2 and Angry Birds.

Ukraine– Even with all the stability issues in the country, Tarzan still managed 259K in 1st place. Warcraft has made 1.9M to date, outgrossing both Jungle Book and Captain America, but not Zootopia at 2.1M.

United Kingdom– 41 films reported. Secret Life Of Pets remained at #1 against Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie. Florence Foster Jenkins is open here too, and the top film here is Jungle Book with 66M, Captain America would be next with 53M, then Zootopia with 33M. Florence Foster Jenkins has outgrossed Gods Of Egypt, Money Monster, and The Boss, while Eye In The Sky has outgrossed all those plus The Nice Guys.

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