Scream: Season 2- Who Is The Killer?

So, yes. I watch Scream. It has a small, devoted fan following, and we’ve been trying to figure out who has been torturing Audrey all season. So, without further adieu, here’s how I see it:

Audrey– Obviously not the killer this time around. She’s being tortured for being involved last time, and this season is mostly from her point of view. Chance: 0%.

Emma– Highly unlikely she has a split personality disorder at this point. I would think Audrey telling Emma that she was connected to Piper would have brought the split personality to the surface. So even though Emma is having a hard time coping, she’s not the killer. Chance: 0%.

Brooke– Genuinely devastated by the loss of Jake. Left Branson alive, went back to check on him. Not the killer. Chance: 0%.

Noah– Considering he gets stabbed in the promo for next week, and we all know Noah isn’t the killer, we can just rule him out. Chance: 0%.

Maggie– Though she doesn’t really have an alibi for Season 2 killings, I don’t think Maggie is terrorizing her own daughter, or that she teamed up with Piper at any point. Chance: 0%.

Mayor Maddox– It’s totally suspicious that he’s burning down homes, and that the bodies were in that home, and that the killer somehow knew about it. I don’t think he’d torture Brooke though. He seems genuinely concerned with her well being, and definitely wouldn’t have dumped Jake on her. Chance: 1%

Kristen Lang– I downgraded the shit out of her after her attack. I actually realize now that she’s a red herring, someone we might have thought was the killer, and now are being told to suspect is involved. She’s not involved with the killer, she just happens to be an old friend of Piper’s. I’d imagine she’s trying to get a book written or something. I wrote her off when she got the call. She was alone, by herself. If she was trying to make it look like she wasn’t the killer, she would have been attacked in front of people. There was no upside to what happened to her. She could have staged that without all the violence if she just wanted to be “found wounded”. Chance: 1%.

Sheriff Acosta– While it would be interesting to see the Sheriff investigating himself, if he was the killer, then he would know his son wasn’t, and wouldn’t be so paranoid all the time that he’s raising a psychopath. Chance: 1%

Emma’s Dad– Emma’s dad was down at the bar, really drunk, while the killer was still in the hotel room. So, while the killer might have been trying to set up her dad as a red herring, the dad was in a different place. He’d also be much more likely to be terrorizing his ex-wife, which hasn’t happened at all this season. This season has been all about Emma and Audrey, and not about Maggie. However, he could be one of two, so I have to give him a few points on my list. Chance: 5%

Brandon James– I suppose there’s still a chance that Brandon James shows up out of fucking nowhere and says “I’m back bitches”, and this whole season just shits the bed. So, I’ll rate this on my list. Chance: 5%

Tina Hudson– What if Tina was one of the killers? We know that Mayor Maddox wanted to burn down that house, and that he offered Tina the job. What if Tina killed two birds with one stone, because she’s both a killer, avenging the death of her brother, but also doing the Mayor a favor? Chance: 10%.

Kieran– I’m going to go with “unlikely” but also kind of suspect. He’s shown up at random times, for no apparent reason, which could be very “red herring”. My biggest problem was “why is he carrying around the knife?” He could have easily duct taped his own mouth, and stabbed the cop, and then been like “what, me?” Yeah, I’ve considered the fact that Kieran staged his own kidnapping. I don’t get the Piper/Kieran connection, though he made it out last season with a flesh wound. Chance: 12%

Zoe– I don’t get how Zoe would have known Piper, since Zoe isn’t new to the town. She’s been around, just not last season. I know she seems shady, but she definitely didn’t just kill Haley, because she was with Noah the whole time. If there are TWO killers, then maybe she’s one of them, but she can’t be the sole killer at this point. Chance: 15%

Gustavo– I’m also feeling a strong “red herring” vibe with him too. He draws pictures of dead people, basically stalks the survivors, and has a Brandon James mask. However, he seems genuinely invested in Brooke, and pissed that his dad is suspecting him of something. I think the kid is definitely fucked up in the head, but I’m betting he’s not our killer. Yet, I can’t rule out that he’s short on alibis so far, and hasn’t been directly targeted by the killer. He also happened to move to town because his dad got a job here. There’s no way he could have planned that. Chance: 20%

Eli– While Eli is definitely NOT taller than Haley, which is why everyone now thinks the super-tall Kieran is the killer, Eli is totally sketchy. He also has no alibis, except we know he didn’t burn down the house. If he was the killer, he’d be one of two killers. Him and Zoe could be the killers together, but how would they have known each other? She’s from the town, and Eli basically happened to move to town by chance. I’d love to see the story of how Eli and Zoe met, and planned the whole thing. Chance: 30%.

My guess: Gustavo is the only one who seems like he’d be flying solo. I could see Eli working with someone, possibly Zoe. How fucked up would it be if Eli and his mom were working together? Zoe’s not out of the woods yet. And hell, neither is Kieran.

One thought on “Scream: Season 2- Who Is The Killer?

  1. Kinda silly to say but, from happened in the scene with Haley (her getting on her knees)definitely a guy. Considering the whole special friend thing, its very likely its Gustavo. The special friend thing I am referring to is Haley saying a special friend and then Gustavo saying that special friend remark to Brooke. However, I am fully not convienced that Gustavo is the killer, mainly because its too obvious. Nothing should be too obvious. One this is for certain, its a guy.

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