Scream: Season 2- Who Is The Killer 2

My post last week was pretty popular, so I’ve decided to do this each week until the season (SERIES?) finale. Spoilers ahead.

Audrey– Nothing happened that would have changed that there’s no chance she’s a killer this season. 0%.

Emma– She can’t be sending herself texts and torturing herself. That’s just dumb. Chance: 0%.

Brooke– Although she lacks an alibi for the most recent deaths, she’s still definitely not the killer. Chance: 0%.

Noah– Obviously not the killer after this week’s episode. Chance: 0%.

Maggie– She’s not the killer. I’m intrigued that she thinks Brandon James might be alive. But, if Brandon James is Emma’s father, why would he be torturing Emma this season, and not Maggie? Last season was more about Maggie, because Piper had been scorned, but Maggie has been left out of the phone calls and the mind games. This is all about Emma and Audrey. Chance: 0%.

Mayor Maddox– I still have him really low because I don’t see him dumping Jake’s dead body onto Brooke like that. That’s basically the whole reason. That, and he’s a minor character. Chance: 1%

Sheriff Acosta– He probably didn’t just call himself, or ask his accomplice “who is this” when he got his call this week. He also wouldn’t be so worried about Gustavo being the killer, if he himself was the killer, because he would know who the killer was. Chance: 1%

Kristen Lang– I’m gonna upgrade her a bit, because she’s just such a shady bitch with a clear connection to Piper. I think if Kristen WAS a killer, or THE killer, or an accomplice, it would be poor directing, because she clearly had no clue what was going on when she got the phone call, and was by herself. It wasn’t even like it was staged for the security camera footage. She was legit terrified, and alone, when confronted with the killer. But her continued revenge angle against Emma is interesting, to say the least. Chance: 5%

Brandon James– I refer to this option as the “shit the bed” option at this point, because until we actually SEE Brandon James, he’s just an imaginary character, and imaginary characters aren’t fun to see in the end. Chance: 5%

Tina Hudson– I’m keeping her in case Tina is the accomplice for her son, but honestly, she’s SUCH a minor character. She’s barely in the show at this point. Chance: 5%.

Emma’s Dad– If it can be Brandon James, it can be Emma’s dad for all the same reasons. Except, he wasn’t in the bathroom when Emma was in the hotel room, he was at the bar. He’s also probably a little too drunk to be able to be a mastermind. However, he is tall, taller than Haley, and that would give Haley a reason to call him her “special friend”. One, she’s dating an older man (which is technically illegal, and therefore needs to be kept secret), and it’s Emma’s dad, so it’s not like Haley’s going to say “I’m seeing your dad.” Chance: 8%

Zoe– RIP.

Gustavo– At this point, it’s either Gustavo or Eli. Gustavo is just SUCH A RED HERRING THOUGH. Like, he’s drawing them dead all season? He has a Brandon James mask? If he actually turns out to be the killer, then it’s like there was never a mystery. We were watching the killer from Day 1. At least Eli is a little less fucking obvious, but Gustavo has been portrayed as a borderline psychopath all season long. He’s only had a few “nice” moments with Brooke, but otherwise this kid is Dexter in the making. There was also a figure outside Brandon James’s house wearing a hoodie, and we’ve seen Gustavo in hoodies before. Chance: 20%

Kieran– I kinda think Kieran could be the killer, because he’s the only one of the survivors from last season who hasn’t been ruled out of the current wave of deaths. It would be kinda brilliant, that he was in with Piper all along, but I need to rewatch Season 1 to make sure that he actually CAN be the killer. I just don’t care enough to do that, and I’m betting the showrunners don’t care either. I did read another person’s blog post about how Kieran could have been the killer in Season 1, so if I apply that info to this season, then he definitely looks guilty. He’s also tall, and fits the same build as the “special friend” for Haley. If Haley thought Kieran was cheating on Emma with her, she wouldn’t have said anything right away. Plus, the IMDB plot description for the Season Finale is “Kieran reveals a secret about his past.” Chance: 25%

Eli– It’s gotta be Eli, right? As we found out in the promo for next week, Eli was at Will’s funeral. Why? Eli was also the one who was outside Emma’s house, and took the note. And while Gustavo has definitely worn more hoodies, I think Eli has also at some point, an he could have very well been at Brandon James’s house. We know how he likes to break into houses. He’s just so fucking short, that I’m not sure how he would have towered over Haley like that. Chance: 30%.

For me, it’s starting to look more and more like Kieran has been the killer all along. Just when we thought he was safe, we find out he’s not. Or maybe it’s Eli. I’ll have a better read after the next episode tries to “expose” Eli.

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